Massive success! Inspiration 4 crew finally returns back to Earth


What could be the result of the relentless efforts of some people? a dream will become a reality! Yes, something like that happened. Inspiration4 crew finally returns back to Earth.

There is a lot of curiosity among people about space travel. So from the beginning trained astronauts are being employed for this work. Billionaires have also shown interest in the space travel experience. Jeff Bezos is a clear example of this.

But what will happen to the rest of the people without these two categories? SpaceX is trying to make this idea into reality. The journey begins with 4 non-professional astronauts who will travel in space.

After traveling in space for 3 days, they have been able to return to earth again. This mission has taken space travel one step further in human history. The rest of the details of Mission Inspiration 4 are discussed below:

Who were the crew members of Inspiration 4 and what was their role on this mission?

The name of four crew members of Inspiration 4 is given beneath:

  1. Jared Isaacman
  2. Dr. Sian Proctor
  3. Hayley Arceneaux
  4. Chris Sembroski

The role and tasks of four crew members are given beneath:

Jared Isaacman

The first crew member is Jared Isaacman (the founder and CEO of Shift4 Payments). He is the commander of the Dragon Capsule. So he is in charge of taking all major decisions and managing all communications with the ground controller.

The multi-billionaire Jared Isaacman is the main initiator of Inspiration 4. He took the initiative to create a huge fund for Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Dr. Sian Proctor

The second crew member is Jared Isaacman. The second crew member is Jared Isaacman. She is basically a geologist. And in this mission, she is the pilot of the Dragon capsule. Also, she will play the role of co-captain of Dragon Capsules, which means she can take charge of Dragon Capsules in case of an emergency.

During the training, she shares her thoughts and feelings in an interview where she said that she never imagined herself as a part of the first all civilian crew to orbit, and then she is going to be the first Black female pilot of a spacecraft.

Hayley Arceneaux

The third crew member is Hayley Arceneaux (Physician Assistant of St. Jude Children’S Research Hospital). She is in charge of medical emergencies. She is the youngest of the crew and also the youngest American to reach space at a small age.

In an interview with the media, Hailey Arsenaux said how excited she was when she received the email invitation from St. Jude Children’S Research Hospital to go into space. The experience of going into space would be a bigger achievement in life than anything else, so Hailey Arsenaux instantly accepted the invitation.

Chris Sembroski

The fourth and last member of the crew is Chris Sembroski. He is basically a Lockheed engineer. So his main job is managing the onboard cargo.

In an interview with the media, Chris Sembrowski said that he has been curious about space since his childhood. That’s why he always tried to be a part of space exploration. So clearly, the experience of going to space will be one of the great achievements of his life.

How were the crew trained for the Inspiration4 mission?

The crew’s training began in February 2021. Normally NASA astronauts are trained for about two years, but the Inspiration 4 crew was trained for only 7 months.

  • In this training, they are explained in detail about system engineering and how the Dragon spacecraft works.
  • Astronauts have to endure a lot more gravity when the spacecraft starts to rise. So, they are trained in hilly areas to adapt to adverse conditions.
  • The crew members are provided with special training from SpaceX where they receive hours of personal training on the simulator so that they can master a clear idea about the dragon capsule.

How high does it fly in space?

Jeff Bezos stood in space at an altitude of about 500 km. But Inspiration 4 has surpassed that height this time. It was located at a height of about 579 kilometers.

What are the purposes of this mission?

The purpose of this mission was to raise funds and support for St. Jude Children’S Research Hospital. According to Dr. Sian Proctor, Inspiration4 is about advancing humans in space, and what it looks like, and bringing all humanity along with us.

Mission launch date:

September 15 is selected as the launch day. The flight was lifted off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. And like rockets, they flew in a flight-proven Dragon capsule to stay in space for 3 days.

Their job during this 3-day tour was to experiment which they will share with others later. At the end of their 3-day journey into space, the rocket landed in the Atlantic Ocean.


We see in various movies that scientists are going out of the world with spaceships looking for other planets. They do a variety of research and interact with aliens. Well, these amazing works are the magic of the green screen and special effects. In real life, science has improved a lot, but not that far. But, it will not take too long.

Modern science is moving in that direction. The success of mission Inspiration 4 is proof of that. After working on this mission for a long time, the joy of project success is flowing around. Special thanks to Jared Isaacman for the initiative and special thanks to Elon Musk for making this dream a reality with the Falcon rocket.



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