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4 Best Free Music Downloader For iPhone – Grab These Soon!

Do you want to download free music on your iPhone? For iPhone users, it is not a normal task. Downloading audio files for offline consumption is a tough job in the iOS environment. The cause behind the system is to force users to use Apple music. You know it, right?

Undoubtedly Apple music is amazing. The audio quality of the songs in Apple Music is the best. You will not find any other apps that provide such quality music. But the problem is, you will not find all your favorite songs there. Whenever you need to store a piece of unavailable music, you have to go through transfer from the PC process.

That’s why iPhone users search for a secondary method to download music for offline uses. All the time you cannot be connected to the internet. If you agree with us, then this blog is for you. Today we will inform you about a few Free Music Downloader For iPhone that actually can download and save audio for further uses.

Here are the 4 must-try music downloader apps for iPhone users:

Nowadays getting something free is tough. But we have some wonderful apps. Whether you want to download music or other media, these apps will make it simple. So if you are searching for the best free music downloader for iPhone, check out these apps. Hopefully, you will find the one you are wishing for.

1. Documents by Readdle

This app is the best creation of Readdle. It is a popular app. The name Documents doesn’t define its actual motive. Besides managing your files, a long list of important features is loaded here. You will find a built-in browser. Though it is not that headlining feature, you surely have never seen a file manager with a browser.

The thing that makes this app special is its downloading capability. You heard it right. You can download anything using the browser. That means not only music, but also you can download videos and images. Your downloaded files will be stored inside the app.

In advance, this full package application has its own music player. You can directly use the built-in browser to surf and download. In another case, you can use your stock browser to get the link to your preferred music file. Wondering why you should do it? Because it would be more reliable to use your familiar browser. 

The trick is simpler than you think. Use Safari to do all the searching kinds of tasks to reach the final download destination. As Safari can not download it, copy the link from here. Now all you have to do is paste the link in your Document’s browser and start downloading.

The second reason can be the poor quality of the Documents browser. With this app, you can feel the complete freedom of downloading. It can access downloadable files from any website. Overall the whole concept is unique and practical.

2. Total Files and Downloader

Technically the characteristics of this app are like the Documents app. It also has a browser and itself a file manager. Every action you can make by the previous app is also available here. You will see almost a similar interface that can download all kinds of media files.

Well, you can manage your files and organize them quickly. A perfect zip unlocker is also included which is enough for this package. If your main point is downloading music, Total Files and Downloader is the one you should go for. 

As we just explained about the working procedure of the Documents app, we are going to leave it here. Let not repeat the same procedure to make it lengthy.

3. Music Downloader and Player

Now let’s talk about a different application that focuses much on the music player. Music Downloader and the Player app is neither a file manager nor an Unzipper. It is a huge collection of music. The app itself is a rich music player. Millions of songs are ready to stream.

You can download and save all your favorite songs freely. The user interface is smooth. Its first look would be enough to define that the app was built with care. Although there are some well-decorated playlists available, you can build your own.

The mentionable limitation is in its collection. Yes, there are millions of songs available. But we can not assure you that your desired song is in here. Everyone has different choices. Putting a long list of songs is not enough to catch the user’s eyes. You can not download any song which is not listed there. That matters a lot while you are searching for one of your favorite songs.

4. iDownloader Pro

This one is another great app that is built for downloading media from any source. This contains a multiple download manager, a browser, and a simple file manager. This app will also give you the freedom of download. You will find all your downloaded content in one list.

It seems a bit annoying. The fact is nobody wants to see the songs, videos, and images in one list. Without that, iDownloader Pro is good enough to do the job it was built for.

Some important facts about mp3 downloaders for iPhone:

The meaning of download just changed these days. In this list, we kept aside the conditional downloader apps. We are talking about the apps that let you download and save files for a certain period. All the above-given apps are free to use.

You will find a lot of music downloader apps for iPhone. But they don’t let you keep the file permanently. You will not regret trying the apps we picked. So your wait is over and it’s time to start downloading.

Finally, your favorite songs are now stored on your iPhone. You can play them anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you do not need to pay for them. It is like freedom. You will feel it. Maybe the audio quality you will get would not be as good as Apple Music. But that should be enough to entertain you in boring situations. 

You know the App Store never allows harmful apps. Therefore you do not need to worry about security issues. All these apps are trustworthy. As the Document app can download every type of media, I use it for my regular downloading purposes. So this one absolutely can be recommended.

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