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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Expected Specs, And The Release Date

What should we call it? Galaxy S22 Ultra or Galaxy Note 22 Ultra? You can call it whatever you want because the name is not fixed yet. But surprisingly we are here with the expected specs of this ultimate Flagship. We are not going to misguide you with all fake gossip.

We took time to research enough about the feasible specs of the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra. So it’s time to share everything with you. We know predictions are not 100% trustable. As we never disappointed you before, it will not happen this time as well.

If you are a fan of the Samsung Galaxy lineup, the leaks about this phone will excite you. Without wasting time, let’s get straight into it.

All leaks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that can come true

The Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra launch event was held on January 14 this year and it became available on the 29th of the same month. Following this, it’s easy to predict that Galaxy S22 Ultra will be released anytime around January 2022. As Samsung is not talking much about it, we guess you will get it in hand in early 2022.

The official announcement can be declared by the end of this year. Every Galaxy S series phone is special and has been the top in class. So the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra will be the best among the best ones. Like every time, you will see all the top-end specs inside it. Let’s talk about them.

High-end display with under-display camera

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is likely to come with a 6.8 inch Dynamic AMOLED display. It will be a QHD+ display and the resolution should be 1440×3200. It will of course be an LTPO panel with a 120Hz refresh rate. We are expecting a high screen-to-body ratio. The head-spinning thing is laying under the display.

That is the under-display front camera. Samsung never compromises while choosing the newest techs. They used the latest camera technology in it. Although the under-display camera system is still working on better picture quality, it would be fun to carry an invisible camera.

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Implausible Quad camera set up in the rear

When it comes to the rear, we can no doubt expect a quad-camera setup with additional laser autofocus. In the smaller models as S22 and S22 plus we will see a wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto camera. But in Ultra we will get a Periscope camera with optical zoom. The capability of zooming is uncertain and we do not want to put a false number.

The camera housing should be in a new look. You can say the S22 Ultra will leave its ancestors back in terms of picture quality. You will also see a massive improvement in night mode pictures. Once the Periscopic camera details are revealed, surely you will be amazed by it.

Powerful CPU and Memory

It is obvious that this phone’s CPU will surpass other Android devices. Most likely the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 processor. The global version can run on the Exynos 2200. Both of the processors are overpowered and latest.

So they are able to provide butter-like smoothness in every tuff task. RAM variation should be usual. You can choose from 12 or 15 gigs. In the case of ROM, you will have options of up to 1 TB. UFS 3.1 storage always stays ahead when it comes to speed. All of these are like dream specs on one little phone, aren’t they?

Battery and Fast charging

We found tons of rumors that the same 5000mah battery will power up the S22 Ultra. You can not ignore that because 5000mah is enough for a premium flagship. If Samsung wants, they can increase it. After studying the battery backup of S21 Ultra, we can say there is no need to mess with the battery.

A larger battery decreases the portability of a phone. The One UI is now more optimized. These days it doesn’t cause battery draining. Moreover, we can emphasize that this phone will come with a fast-charging capacity of 65 watts. That will change your overall experience of using a Samsung Galaxy S series phone.

In the past, we have seen Samsung experiments on weird projects. Nevertheless, their contributions to futuristic implementations are incomparable. They failed over and over but never lost focus. Now Samsung is unbeatable and the world’s largest electronics manufacturer.

None of the above is official or confirmed information. As tech stuff updates in a short time, any sudden changes can happen. So the actual Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra specs can slightly vary from our expectations. But our predictions mostly follow with reality. All you can do is wait until the phone releases.

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