WhatsApp Is Going To Multi-Device Support Even More Amazing For Users


WhatsApp users always face a limitation with multi-device support. Although the version of WhatsApp is available for all platforms. But when we connect WhatsApp to Windows and Mac, it works for a while.

Because in the case of multi-device, one device has to be kept as the main device. This means that the rest of the services must be connected to the primary device and be online. This may not be the system users expect.

But this time WhatsApp users are going to get rid of this limitation. BecauseWhatsApp is going to multi-device support even more amazing for users. Yes, with the update of this feature, users will be able to access their accounts on secondary devices without connecting internet. 

To put it more clearly, the new feature will allow you to make messaging even when the phone is not connected to the Internet. In this case, the user can also use four devices. However, this feature will be more helpful for Windows or Mac users.

Messages will be in end-to-end encryption mode for security reasons. That is why WhatsApp or any third party will not be able to access these messages.

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WABetaInfo reports that the first version to support users on multi-devices has been launched on some devices. This feature has been updated to the WhatsApp beta version. But, not all users have received this update yet.

However, when an update is added to a user’s device, the app will log out existing devices from WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp desktop. Then you need to link again through multi-device mode. After linking up, any user will get WhatsApp on the computer without any hesitation.

Not everyone will get this permission right now. Wait a few more days to get the update on all devices. However, for those who have received this update, I will show you in a few steps below how to link up.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp App

Step 2: Go to settings

Step 3: Tab on Linked Devices

Step 4: Tab on Multi-Device

Step 5: When the link is complete, go back to the main screen

Step 6: Now click the link again to connect another device

Step 7: Finally, scan the QR code on the secondary device to link to your account.

So hopefully WhatsApp is going to multi-device support even more amazing for users, it must have been a timely decision. All users will also benefit a lot after getting this feature.



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