What is Metaverse? Everything You Need To Know About Metaverse

What is Metaverse

Recently with Facebook’s announcement, Metaverse has become a famous topic. The tech world is shaken by this new theory. Actually, it’s not new. Metaverse theory was always inside genius people’s heads. We have seen a lot of fantasy movies like Ready Player One related to the Metaverse. But this theory never came to light as strongly as now.

In this article, I will explain Metaverse in detail. You are going to know what Metaverse is and the answers to other related questions that are making you curious about Metaverse. It’s the next generation of the internet. If Metaverse comes true, you will be able to actually live a virtual life on the internet. Want to know how? Stay with us and you will get the answers.

What is Metaverse and how does it work?

Metaverse is the successor of the internet. It will virtually interconnect a set of digital spaces and will create a 3D virtual world where one can do anything that is tough in the real world. Imagine a fantasy virtual world where everyone around you exists. Let me give an example. Suppose you want to be in a concert in Miami, you can attend it from home by putting on VR headgear.

Let’s assume you want to walk on the streets of Paris. You can do it virtually through Metaverse. Besides all these, Metaverse makes it easy to communicate with the people you love. That would not be an ordinary phone call or video call. Both of you can meet in your favorite place, seat and talk with each other. That experience in three-dimension would be more realistic than ever. 

For doing this, you do not even need to be there physically. You can play games with your friends, hang out, or walk around the streets. Now let’s talk about the things that are beyond imagination. Would you like to take a cup of coffee in a space station? Although it’s physically impossible, you can experience it indeed. 

I think that’s enough to understand what the Metaverse is. So it works by putting together some bleeding-edge techs. In the endless world of Metaverse, you will be in an interconnected community. At present we have just moved our step toward Metaverse. So it is not clear which device will open the door. But our current technology has pretty amazing gears and gadgets.

Bringing together virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphone apps and some other devices can make it possible. You could swing from reality to the virtual world by just putting on that special gear. There would be your virtual character. You can personalize it as you want. Then you can start exploring. That’s how Metaverse works.

Who introduced the theory of Metaverse first?

If you are here after seeing Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement then you should know the Metaverse theory was first introduced by Neil Stephenson. It was a book where virtual human avatars met with software-made agents. Since then Metaverse theory has been used in many science fiction movies. 

But now we have sufficient tech support to work on it. So someone had to kick it off. Here Mark Zuckerberg came up with the initiative. To make it possible, there must be involvement of leading tech geniuses. It is a huge step. If Metaverse comes true, it will change the way we live. Moreover, our future will be changed.

Is Facebook changing its name?

Facebook is not just the name of an app now. Facebook owns the most popular social communicating sites. Whatsapp and Instagram are the two most popular products of Facebook. So Facebook is not changing the name of the Facebook app. The Facebook company will be known as Meta. The names of the individual app will remain the same.

Why did Facebook change its name?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Meta reflects their vision for the future. Meta is a Greek word. It is actually a symbol. Meta means there is always something new to build. That’s why he liked it. It will always help to focus on their Metaverse program. 

Another reason can be the corporate name Facebook Inc just represents the Facebook app. So changing the name was really needed to focus on the mother company.


Have you got what is Metaverse? Throughout the year’s Facebook’s CEO is not the only person who is thinking about a Metaverse. Microsoft, Nvidia, Epic games, and many other tech giants raised this topic. Obviously, if Facebook wants to create a Metaverse single-handedly, it would be very tough. That can take a long time.

But by collaborating with other tech giants Metaverse can come true easily. Get ready to live your virtual life alongside reality. As we have all the advanced technology, It’s the right time to apply them. I am seeing something big behind this whole project. Like 90’s people never thought there would be a smartphone, we are also going to see something never imagined before.



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