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Netflix Games Released On The App Store! Require SignIn Individually?

The fact that Netflix is ​​going to release mobile games is not unknown to anyone now. Five games have already been released for Android. But it’s not yet clear when or how it will be released for iOS and iPad. This is why there is so much confusion in the minds of iOS users.

However, Netflix games released on the App Store separately. Mark Gurman reports on Bloomberg that this is what is being planned. Basically, developer Steve Moser shared this information with Bloomberg after discovering the code on the Netflix app. This process could be a good solution to apple’s rules.

If we look at Android games, we see that they are in the Dedicated Games tab on Netflix separately. I think the process will be the same in the case of iOS. Then if you click on the game that you will download from Netflix, PlayStore will open. Then the download option will be available and you need to sign in to your Netflix account and download.

This solution is a lot like an all-in-one to me. This process is also in the technical policy. But if Apple adopts this process, then it is probably in this process that the App Store will have to download the game.

If you look at other subscription services like Setapp you will see that they are following almost the same process. Setapp has been going with the iOS app subscription service for over a year.

Setapp’s process is that you can download the app from the App Store, in which case the user will receive a QR code as part of the subscription. Then you need to launch the app with a QR code. This QR code basically works to confirm the user’s subscription.

Netflix has the option to sign in manually for Android. But in the case of iOS, we have to wait a few more days to confirm what the process is going to be like. However, Netflix will soon release on iPads and iPhones via Twitter.

However, Netflix has confirmed that it will soon release on iPads and iPhones via Twitter.

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