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TikToker Reveals Five iPhone Processes To Make You Look Taller In Videos

There are now many platforms for short video sharing, but Tiktok is the best of all. At present, people in more than 150 countries use TikTok every day. As a result, more than 1 billion videos are viewed every day.

Therefore, as the number of tickers is increasing day by day, so is the amount of investment of business organizations. TikTokrers now do a lot of research to constantly master new styles.

Moreover, it is seen that many celebrities and models also suggest different styles through videos. Yes, such an advisory video TikTok has gained a lot of popularity. Where shown, how to make yourself look taller using the iPhone’s camera.

A popular TikToker release five iPhone Processes to make you look taller in videos. If you want to make yourself look taller in your TikTok video then this video will definitely be very useful for you. This styling advice video was posted by @ roxanna.roxi TikToker.

Now let’s take a look at the 5 strategies she showed in the video.

First Trick: She was suggested that “first choose a plain dress so that your silhouette does not break.” Then she was wearing a full black dress

Second Trick: He then suggested turning the camera 45 degrees and moving the legs closer to the camera.

Third Trick: Then he advised you to bend down and take a picture. This will make the image look much longer

Fourth Trick: Then he showed another tip, where he suggested using a wide-angle lens by Then, open the standard camera, selecting the 0.5x zoom option, and taking a picture.

Fifth Trick: Finally, he suggested following the same way in the case of Instagram. So he showed, how to set zoom before uploading to Instagram.

The Five iPhone processes to make you look taller in videos shown in the video of @roxanna.roxi were really great. I also tried. Not only this, with the help of these techniques you can create TikTok videos. You can also follow the same strategies in other social media.

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