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How Much Does It Cost To Make An iPhone?

How much does it cost to make an iPhone? Almost everyone is interested to know about this. So if you are also interested in knowing about the cost of making an iPhone then stay with me.

Apple is one of the most popular brands in the world and it makes the most universal smartphone. Despite being the most popular iPhone, it ranks third in terms of sales. Samsung and Hawaii are in the first and second positions.

If you look at the market rank of 2020, you can see that 14.5% of the smartphone market is under the control of Apple. Samsung tops with 21.8% and next Huawei with 16.7%, while Apple is in third place in terms of sales but Apple is at the top in terms of profit.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An iPhone?

Everyone knows about the brand value of the iPhone. The iPhone is one of the most expensive smartphones in the world, that’s why everyone is curious about its manufacturing costs.

Below I have described in detail the manufacturing costs of the iPhone. So if you are interested in iPhone manufacturing costs, read the descriptions below carefully.

iPhone 12 Max Pro

The current and most expensive iPhone is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which was released in October 2020. This is quite a heavy price tag, when its manufacturing costs were estimated then the total cost of building this phone became approximately $546.5

Cost BreakDown

An estimate of the cost of the components of the phone is given value.

▶ Triple Camera: $85.50
▶ Battery: $14.50
▶ Display: $ 77.50
▶ Modems,Memory and Processor: $174
▶ Sensor,Assembly,Holding Material: $195

Don’t compare the price range given above with the original price range of the phone, because it doesn’t include marketing, development, and marketing costs. These factors greatly increase the price range of the phone.

Employee Costs

The iPhone was initially assembled in China by Taiwanese companies. China has lower labor costs than America. In China, an iPhone worker has to pay around 4 dollars per hour but the minimum wage in America is about $8 per hour.

iPhone doesn’t just make products from China to reduce costs, if that were the case, Apple would be able to make its phones cheaper elsewhere. According to Apple CEO, the most important skill for manufacturing is tooling, that’s why it requires skilled tooling engineers. 

They claim that certain skill sets are no longer available in the United States, but skills are prevalent in China. As a result, if Apple makes the iPhone in the United States, it will be able to make a small amount a year at a significantly higher cost.

Moreover, China has several other advantages, one of which is that it can ship goods easily and at a low cost, as the country has seven of the world’s largest 10 ports.

Condition Of Employee

Apple is a widely acclaimed, successful, and established company around the world. At the beginning of iPhone production, the condition of the workers was very dire. But gradually there has been a lot of improvement.

The iPhone is manufactured at Foxconn, a Taiwanese company based in China. According to Foxconn employees. Their benefits outweigh those of other companies. China is a very big country and all underdeveloped except the big cities, so the cost of living outside of Chin’s big springs is much lower. 

As a result, wages are lower than in Western society. But it’s true that the number of skilled tooling engineers in China is good, so big companies around the world are manufacturing their products.

Why are Apple products too expensive?

Apple is a brand that is very loyal to people. iPhones are more popular with the upper class. Some people buy Apple products to be part of the ‘trendy’ Apple brand. Below are some reasons why iPhones are too expensive.


When it comes to the difference between the price of an iPhone and an Android phone, the first thing that comes to mind is the operating system. iPhone uses the iOS operating system and android uses the Android operating system.

Android works almost freehand easily by creating Android OS from Google, nos separate research or development is required for this. But Apple has been building its own operating system since the beginning. Which requires a lot of research and highly-skilled engineers.

The iPhone’s operating system will give you a lot of security, which is important. iPhone tested by many hackers to see if hackers can hack the iOs or other features.

Premium Lifestyle  Brand

iPhones never target the middle class or the poor. It has been able to successfully gain its loyalty as a premium lifestyle and luxury brand. That’s why only high-class people buy Apple’s products.

Apple not only makes the iPhone but also many other products all of which have such high brand value.

Iconic Apple Stores

Iconic Apple Stores have made the Apple brand much more popular. Not all countries have Apple stores yet, but if you have a chance to visit the Apple Store, I will tell you not to be late, check it out, I promise you will like it a lot.

Apple stores are located in the most premium location in the richest cities. It’s not possible to finish or explain the beauty of this store. How much money a luxury brand can spend on its own branding cannot be understood without visiting this store.


Although Apple has made products for high-class people, all classes of people have lots of curiosity. Out of curiosity despite the iPhone being so luxurious, many middle-class people also buy or try to buy it.

The price of the iPhone is much more than other brands. Yet iPhones still occupy 178% of the market due to their research, development quality, security, and much more.

The iPhone’s operating system iOS is now famous all over the world. Nowadays, every app company makes their app for Android as well as for iPhone.

However, above we have described in detail how much it Cost To Make An iPhone and why. If you are curious about these things on the iPhone. Then read the detailed description above carefully. Hopefully, after reading you will have nothing unknown about this.

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