How Much Space Does An iPhone Backup Take?

How Much Space Does An iPhone Backup Take?

The number of iPhone users is increasing day by day, especially those who priority brand value and phone security. In this article, I will describe how much space does an iPhone backup take, how to manage when space is full, and more about backups.

Apple has been able to provide much more security through their own operating system.

Nowadays smartphones are a repository of information, everyone keeps their data or files store on the smartphone, so data backup is important to everyone now.

iPhone offers maximum benefits for recovering lost data or transferring data from old iPhone to new iPhone. But the process of data backup on iPhone is more complicated than on Android.

It’s important for every iPhone user to know about it, so read this article to the end, I hope you will benefit a lot.

How much space does an iPhone backup take?

Apple has a space limit for iCloud backup, which is only 5 GB. Apple ID gives you this size for free. But the main problem is when you have more than one device. Now many people use an iPad along with the iPhone.

When a user uses more than one device, they still get only 5 GB of space for the same Apple account.

However, if you can manage iCloud well and understand its settings, then you can make the right use of this 5 GB space. So below iCloud Manage and Storage is described separately

How to Control iCloud Storage?

When your iPhone’s iCloud storage will be full, then iPhone’s give a warning. If you continue to receive that warning alert on your iPhone. Then you’ll need to optimize iCloud storage settings. So here’s I will explain how to manage your iCloud storage to stay within limited storage.

iCloud storage settings

Control iCloud storage should be well known to all iPhone users. If you can perfectly optimize iCloud storage settings, you don’t need to get this “not enough storage” warning. See and follow the steps below.

Step 1: First, go to settings
Step 2: Next, find General and tap on
Step 3: And next, find Storage and iCloud Backup and tap on
Step 5: Check how much space is left, then make a note of it.
Step 6: Tap on Storage Manage, Now you can see the Storage Management window.

When you go to the Storage Manage window, see how much you are currently using and you can see separately how much space a system occupies. From here you can choose the data backup, here you can also limit the amount of data that an application can backup separately.

Do you still have any confusions about how much space does an iPhone backup take?

Purchase iCloud storage

If so, you need more than 5GB of space, then App the opportunity to buy space. Apple has several space packages, you can buy according to your need. Apple provides space with time. Prices of size with the time of are below.

1.2 TB $9.99 a month
2.200 GB for $2.99 a month
3.50 GB for $0.99 a month

Note that you can also get extended iCloud storage as part of Apple’s Apple one then you can share and use the storage subscription bundle. In this case, you will get more benefits, if you use family sharing.

How to backup an iPhone using iCloud

Now that you know all about iCloud storage and how to manage it, so now you need to know how to backup perfectly or what are the different ways to backup. Above I have shown how to go to the backup window, there are backup now options, tab it to perform your first backup.

There is reason to worry that the iCloud account does not re-upload data. You will arrange the backup according to your needs, as a result, don’t back up anything extra or unnecessary.

iCloud may take a substantial amount of your time counting on the speed of the web connection and therefore the size of the backup. You can turn this backup option on or off as you wish. So how to backup using finder is given below set by step.

Backup iPhone using the Finder

Previous backups were handled by iTunes, but now finder manages backups. Because since MacOS Catalina, Apple has to split iTunes into various apps.

● Connect your IOS device to the Mac via USB or if you set up Wifi syncing, so you can also connect iPhone to your Mac wirelessly
● In your Mac’s Finder sidebar, select your iPhone, there you can see the model and short specification of your phone.
● Top of the Finder window, tab on
● Select “Backup All”, as a result, all the data of the iPhone will be backed up in Mac.
● You can encrypt your backup data and secure it with a password, for this you select “Encrypt Local Backup”.
● Last Click Backup Now

Backup iPhone using Windows PC

If you want to backup your iPhone with your windows computer, of course, you can. The process of backup up your iPhone to windows computer is given below step by step.

● Connect iPhone and computer with a USB cable or if you set up Wifi syncing, so you can also connect iPhone to your Mac wirelessly
● On the iTunes app on your PC, tap the iPhone button at the top of the iTunes window.
● Tab on summary
● Tab Backup Now
● To encrypt your backup, select and tab “Encrypt backup” type a password, then click set password.

To view the backups saved on your computer, select Edit> Preferences, then click Devices. Encrypted Backup There is a lock icon in the backup list.


Currently data or file backup is for everyone equally necessary. It can be natural that your phone was lost or you want to change your phone, then you will get all your data back through data backup.

iPhone data can be backed up via iCloud, Mac, and any computer. However, there are many differences between the process of data backup on iPhone and Android, iPhone is more complicated than the Android.

Above I have described everything related to how much space does an iPhone backup take. If you are an iPhone user, then of course these are very important for you. So read all of the above well, hopefully, there will be no more issues with your data backup.



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