Is There Free VPN For PC? Answered Briefly

Is There Free VPN For PC

As you are not new to the cyber world, you must know about VPN. Yes, I am talking about the VPN apps you often use for different purposes. You will find VPN apps for every OS and platform. When it comes to mobile phones, there are tons of VPN apps available on the Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

For PC there are some top-class VPN apps. But getting a paid VPN for a PC is not easy. So is there a free VPN for PC? Shortly the answer is yes. There are a bunch of free VPN apps for PCs. Although people have a lot of confusion about using a free VPN on a computer, still some of us prefer them.

Through this whole article, we are going to talk about the efficacy and every other fact you should know about free VPNs on PC.

More about the free PC VPN apps and their effectiveness

Sometimes you might need VPN support on the go. In search of free VPNs, you may have downloaded many of them. They reveal the truth after opening. It appears the app you just downloaded is actually paid. But from now on no such apps are going to confuse you.

PC VPNs should be more functional. Because threats on a PC can cost more compared to a mobile phone. That’s why we prefer renowned paid VPNs for PCs. In case you want a safe & free VPN, we can help to get one. Check out the following apps. Each of them is truly free.

  1. Proton VPN
  2. Touch VPN
  3. Turbo VPN

1. Proton VPN

The best free VPN should be the Proton VPN. This app is a wonderful creation of ProtonMail scientists and engineers. They are very famous for encrypted email services which have more than 20 million users. For this reason, you can easily trust Proton VPN. This free app allows you to connect with three country’s servers. 

Strong encryption, forward secrecy, multi-protocol support, DNS leak protection, Bypass blocking are some of its astonishing features. Moreover, Split Tunneling is included. Free usage is only available for a single device. You will not see another free VPN app with that much functionality. You can read more about Proton VPN from here.

Download link:

2. Touch VPN

It is another app you can download and use without spending money. This app works on every platform. Android, Mac, iOS, Windows App for all operating systems are available. Through this app, you can browse any website in any country. It helps to protect data from hackers and allows users to surf the web anonymously.

Servers from 30+ countries should be enough to reduce buffering, throttling, and proxy errors. Using Touch VPN is just a three-step process. You do not even need any technical knowledge. You can quickly download this app. Accessing requires a sign up which can be easily done with a mail ID. Then click on the connect switch and you are ready to discover new things in the internet world.

Download link:

3. Turbo VPN

If you need a VPN app that can access Geo blocked websites, apps, and games, then Turbo VPN can be a great choice. Turbo VPN provides complete anonymity. It is a single-purpose app. So the app size is small. You will experience more speed than usual. The app is totally free and a large group of people use it around the world.

For downloading you have to visit their site and click on the windows icon. The different icons contain the files for different platforms. You will easily recognize the one you prefer. Nothing special about this app. But it can do why it was built for.

Download link:

Is free VPN good for PCs?

For safety and security, most of the free VPN apps are not that trustworthy. Free VPN apps collect your data. They decrypt our encrypted browsing data and history. Then sell them to the ad-makers who are always hungry to know your interests. Free VPNs have a huge earning from ads.

Most of the time ads contain harmful malware. A PC can be affected more easily. It is obvious that your PC is the most important machine. All your favorite data is stored in it. So it would be a clever idea to avoid free VPNs. In this case, paid VPNs are strongly recommendable. A good paid VPN will never show ads.

As they make the earning from you, there is less possibility to carry malware. Besides everything, they offer more servers and extra protection features. The most important thing is a stable connection. I think you should not use a free VPN app permanently. We have picked the best-paid VPN apps for PC. If you want, you can check out from here.


We use VPNs for privacy and security. If these are your main priority, you should not make a quick decision. We know your device is so important for you. For some random activities, you should not make it more vulnerable to harmful malware. So now that you got your answer to the question- is there a free VPN for PC, we think you are ready for your VPN usage. 

Spending a bit on privacy and protection is not a big deal. I strongly recommend securing your connection with a good paid VPN. Do not fall into the trap of colorful ads. But if you badly need a free VPN app for a quick task, you can freely pick one from our list. Photon VPN would be the safest free VPN app for your PC.



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