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Onion VPN vs Double VPN – Everything You Need To Know

There is a lot of confusion about Onion VPN vs Double VPN about the ability to give everyone more security. If we do the overall calculation, we have to admit that onion VPN is slightly ahead of Double VPN in terms of providing security. But if you need security as well as browsing speed, then of course VPN will be ahead of Onion.

As the demand for internet among people increases, so does the need for VPN usage and it seems to be increasing in the future. Because using a VPN service will make your internet usage more secure.

If we look at the main purpose of a VPN app, we will see that the VPN app is designed to keep Internet users online from hiding their activity and to protect the user from various threads of hackers.

Onion VPN vs double VPN - everything to explore

Both Onion VPN and Double VPN is capable of providing a lot of high security to the users. Before distinguishing Onion VPN vs Double VPN, you must acknowledge that both are capable of providing the best security. But there are some basic differences between these two VPNs.

However, which services you will use or which service is best for you will depend on your needs. Because we can easily differentiate between these two VPN services according to the needs of users.

Because if you need high security with high speed then you must choose a double VPN and if you need multiple levels of maximum security, you should choose an onion VPN. So let’s take a look at more elaborated details out here!

What is onion VPN?

Onion VPN is a type of web browser-based service because it encrypts data anonymously through the chain level of the server. This service can only be executed with the onion router browser, in which case you need to connect to the onion.

What is a Double VPN?

Double VPN is a state-of-the-art VPN service that redirects user traffic through two servers so that data can be encrypted twice. But a typical VPN user’s data is encrypted by a server so a double VPN is able to provide much more security than a normal VPN.

Differences Between Onion VPN vs Double VPN:

Onion VPN vs Double VPN

In order to differentiate between Onion VPN vs Double VPN, first of all, we have to talk about speed. This is because using both VPNs will reduce your internet browsing speed a lot. 

But internet speed is much better in the case of double VPN, which is much slower in the case of onion. Therefore, double VPN is ahead in this regard. However, if you need the highest level of security then Onion VPN will be much ahead of Double VPN. Because the security level of Onion VPN is higher than double VPN.

However, let’s take a look at the comparison of Onion VPN vs Double VPN through a table:

Onion VPNDouble VPN

Onion is completely free to download and use. 

Not completely free, you must pay to use the full feature.

The user’s data is minimum encrypted twice through two servers.

User’s data is encrypted twice through two servers.

The speed of the net decreases very noticeably.

The speed of the net does not decrease much.

Onion is not compatible with all devices.

Double VPN is compatible with all devices

Onion VPN is decentralized

Double VPN is centralized

Double VPN VS Onion VPN (Pros & Cons)

Onion VPN

At least two-time data encryption system
guaranteed safe
download is free
Best kill switch feature for preventing data leak

security limited only for Tor browser
Slow connections

Double VPN

Double encryption system
Server Choice options
Extra IP
Maintain Good speed from Onion VPN

No tor over VPN

How does Double VPN Work?

The main purpose of a double VPN is to secure your IP address in a more powerful way. Normal VPNs encrypt a user’s data once through a server, but double VPNs do this twice. However, double VPN is technically added to multiple servers, enabling double VPN to extend the VPN server chain to three times more than a normal VPN server.

Now let’s go through a few steps to see how to double VPN works:

The VPN app encrypts the user’s traffic and then sends it to a server. Then, first of all, the server’s job is to decrypt the user’s traffic and hide the user’s IP address. Once this is done, the server will perfectly deliver this decrypted traffic to the destination.

Step 1: Firstly, the VPN app will encrypt user traffic and then send it to the first server.

Step 2: This server will then encrypt the user’s traffic again and hide the user’s IP.

Step 3: Then the first server will send the second encrypted traffic to the second VPN server.

Step 4: The second server after receiving the user’s traffic will first decrypt it and finally, arrive at the original destination perfectly.

As a result, we understand that your data is being encrypted twice, and the IP that your target website is receiving is the IP created by your second VPN server.

How does Onion VPN work?

Onion VPN also works like a normal VPN. First, the user data is encrypted and sent to the first server, then the IP address is hidden there, then the data is sent to the second server with a new IP address.

Finally, by encrypting the traffic twice and changing the new IP address twice, the request is sent to the desired website. This means that the user’s traffic is going through two levels instead of once.

These protection levels will be even higher when you use the Onion browser with a VPN. Besides, the rest of the work process is the same.

When do I need a double VPN service?

We can use VPNs for many purposes because now VPN services are not only limited to IP hide, but also able to support the user in many other matters related to security. The main goal of every VPN user is to ensure his IP and data security while visiting various unknown sites online. 

In a normal VPN, the steps are used for the user’s data security, in a double VPN these steps are used twice and there are some extra benefits as well. So if you need to ensure maximum security in your internet usage then you should definitely use a double VPN. 

Because if you have to use public WiFi almost all the time, then a double VPN will change your IP address twice. So hackers will not be able to easily trap you even if they want to.

Moreover, a double VPN is able to play a very important role even in cases where the government sometimes focuses on a specific person or sometimes on a specific issue.

If you are a journalist or for some reason write decisions on various political issues, then many conspiracies can work to destroy all these plans. A double VPN application can be of great help to you in these situations.

When Do I Need an onion VPN?

I don’t think I have much to say about when Onion VPN is needed because almost everything has been mentioned in the above discussion about Onion VPN. However, if we want to say more clearly, then we can take the help of this heading when double VPN should be used.

If you need extra security for those topics I mentioned there, you should use Onion VPN. But, one thing to keep in mind is that you will get much lower internet  speed when using Onion VPN.

The Benefit Of Double VPN Services:

I hope you can guess what the benefits of a double  VPN will be. Because the above discussions have already mentioned these issues. However, for your convenience, the  specific aspects of double VPN are mentioned below.

● Extra IP
● Double Encryption System
● Bypass censorship
● Protocol combination
● Hidden whereabouts
● Strong ISP protection

Benefits Of Onion VPN:

The main thing is that your Internet browsing is the most secure using Onion VPN, which is not possible to be so secure in any way. Below are the special benefits of Onion VPN:

● Free to use
● Prevents data leak
● Difficult to shutdown
● IP address hiding
● Bypass Geographical Restrictions

How To Use A Double VPN?

The direct answer to this question is to choose a VPN service with a double VPN feature and install it on your device. Then you can use this just like any other VPN.

However, below is a list of some of the best double VPN feature VPN services on the market for your convenience, hopefully, this list will be of great use to you.

How to use Onion VPN?

Onion over VPN means using a VPN and Tor at the same time. Onion VPN is also called Tor over VPN. If you want to use Onion over VPN, you need to follow some steps. However, there are some requirements before the Onion over VPN setup, these are a VPN, Internet connection, and Tor browser.

So if you have these requirements, you can set up onion over VPN otherwise you will not. However, I assume you have these, then follow the steps below.

Step 1: First install the VPN you have, open and connect.

Step 2: Once your VPN connection is fully connected, open the Tor browser.

Step 3: Now you can visit the internet as per your need, because now with a combined VPN connection and Tor browser your IP is much more secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Onion routing more secure than a VPN?

It can easily understand why onion routing is more secure than a VPN by looking at the general VPN working process and the onion VPN working process. Normal VPNs encrypt the user’s data once and send it to the target website by hiding the IP address.

An onion VPN encrypts user traffic more than twice and changes your IP address more than twice then delivers your request to the targeted website.

Is Double VPN good?

The answer to the question of whether or not to use a double VPN depends on your needs. If internet speed is more important to you than VPN service, then I would say it would be better not to use a double VPN. Because a double VPN can slow down your net browsing speed a lot.

But if security is more important to you, then you should definitely choose a double VPN service. Because a double VPN is able to give a lot of security to your internet browsing.

Can you use 2 VPNs at once?

There is no way you can connect two VPNs to the same device at the same time. Because one VPN will ruin the functionality of another VPN. But you can use a double VPN instead of using two VPNs simultaneously for extra security. Because a double VPN will add an extra layer of security to internet browsing.

Is Onion Over VPN Actually Safe?

Yes, Onion over VPN is really safe. An internet user needs to use VPN services when he needs security. So normal VPNs are designed in such a way that it keeps the user’s traffic in an encrypted state on the server and hides the user’s IP address to reach the specific website. As a result, a website does not understand what the actual IP address of this request is, and no third party can easily track the user’s information.

When you use the Onion browser with a VPN, your security will be much stronger when browsing the Internet.

Final Words

Each VPN service is designed to ensure the safety of online users. But it’s true that not all VPN apps offer all kinds of security. That’s why you need to choose the best VPN service according to your needs.

However, if you need more security while using the Internet for any special reason, then I would suggest using Double VPN or Onion over VPN. This is because Double VPN and Onion VPN are designed for greater security.

In this article, I have talked about Double VPN and Onion VPN. Especially the issues of Onion VPN vs double VPN have been highlighted. I hope that if you have read all the above well then you have understood very well which of these two you should use.

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