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Why Does My iPhone Take So Long To Turn On After It Dies? Solved

Why does my iPhone take so long to turn on after it dies? Actually, it is not a huge issue. And your phone is not the only piece that is facing this problem. iPhones are the most compact intelligent devices that we carry in our pockets. They have batteries to keep them alive.

So once it completely runs out of battery, you will find yourself totally disconnected from the world. That’s why you might have to hurry to get it back alive. This scenario is pretty common. Are you facing the same problem? Let’s find out why.

Why does my iPhone take so long to turn on after it dies?

Does your iPhone take so long to turn on after it dies? Don’t worry. Not just iPhones, almost all smartphones have the same characteristics. But the bootup time can vary. The reason why your phone is taking some time to start up is simple. When it completely drains the last charged ION the IONs need to charge up to turn your phone on.

When the charge is zero and the phone is dead, the battery has to reach a certain point to turn the phone on. That’s the reason it can take a few moments. But it should not be so long. 

Basically, it also depends on your charger and the phone’s fast-charging capability. If you have a lower watt charger, it will take a longer time to boot up.

However, the shutdown is the limit. If you plug the phone in just before it shuts down, everything goes fine. That means when your phone reaches 1%, you can still plug it in charge and use it normally. No shutdown will happen. But once it turns off due to an empty battery, in rare cases, it can even take around 5 to 10 minutes to turn on.

The operating system is not the main culprit behind it. Because Androids do have the same characteristics. Not just these two, every operating system that exists needs time to boot up after full battery drainage. 

Well, if your phone needs more than 10 minutes time to turn on after plugging the charger in, you might have a lower watt charger.

Another important thing we should add here. A phone that remains unused for a long time with a totally discharged battery may take as long as 15 minutes to boot up.

How long does a dead iPhone take to turn on?

Once you plug the charging cable in, a dead iPhone will normally take 3 to 10 minutes to turn on. But the bootup time varies for a few cases. An iPhone that is dead for a long time can take more than the average time like 10 to15 minutes. 

The charger is another influencer in this case. A typical 5 watt Apple charger may take longer whereas a faster charger will surely decrease the turn-on time.

Actually, your dead iPhone’s battery must reach a certain threshold to turn it on. We need to make it clear that a dead iPhone doesn’t mean a damaged iPhone. We are talking about the phones that have been turned off due to lack of charge. 

So a perfectly working phone that ran out of charge and turned off will turn on within three minutes once you plug a good charger in.

charging time

How to turn on your dead iPhone faster?

As it is a natural process to charge the discharged IONs, there are really very few ways you can try. If you are using an older generation of iPhones, we can’t ensure that the tricks will work. However, there’s nothing wrong with trying it out.

Change the charger

If you are using a regular 5-watt apple charger then you can try once by changing the charger. Although these days Apple doesn’t provide a charger in the box, their old in-box chargers were pretty slow. Now we have the latest technologies to charge faster. For using a fast charger, you must check whether your phone supports fast charging or not. 

Older iPhone models don’t support fast charging. If you use a fast charger for a phone that doesn’t support fast charging, your phone’s battery cell will be damaged quickly. In case a fast charger helps to boot up your phone faster, then here your previous charger might be very slow.

Use the power button

It is a very common thing that people often do while their phone is taking a long time to turn on. You just plug in your iPhone and hold the power button after 2 minutes. If the lithium IONs are sufficiently charged, the phone will not wait for the battery’s push signal to turn on. Instead, it will react to the power button’s command. This way the phone can turn on quickly after the dead state.

Update OS

You should check if your operating system is up to date or not. Sometimes some OS updates come with a few bugs. This type of small bug can cause your phone’s late startup. Although this type of scenario is rare, it is possible. So you have to update your iPhone to the latest software version. 

Because only the new software updates include the bug fixes. Honestly, sometimes software updates do slow down phones. If it happens in your case, you have to wait for the next update. That may help to boot your phone faster.


Now it should be clear why does my iPhone take so long to turn on after it dies. Although lithium ION batteries share the same characteristics, they have lots of advantages as well. These batteries may take some time to gear up, but they have overcharge protection. Nowadays there are no cases of battery blasting due to overcharge.

You know the latest iPhones also have a similar issue. If you leave a phone for a few days or weeks unused, it will take some time to turn on. But that time is not too long, it will turn on within a few minutes. 

Now iOS has the feature to monitor your battery health. So you don’t need to worry if it is taking a long time to boot up. Just try to plug your phone in before it completely discharges.

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