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Best Premium Vpn Apps On Android – You Must Try!

Do you know which are the best premium VPN apps on android? The use of VPN for online security has been around for a long time and their importance is increasing day by day. We all know that VPN can be done both free and paid.

But, if we notice a little more, users are now preferring paid VPS services, which means that the demand for premium VPN apps is increasing.

Especially in this pandemic situation, the use of VPN has increased a lot. There can be many reasons for this, but it seems to me remote work is the main reason. Safety is the most important issue in official work.

Today I will talk about the best premium VPN apps on android. I think online security’s very important for everyone now. So I hope you will stay with me till the end of this article. Let’s get started.

Best Premium VPN Apps On Android:

First of all, I would like to thank the VPN developers companies for taking a good look at smartphones. Yes, now companies are focusing on ensuring computer as well as mobile safety. That’s why almost all security companies have launched VPN in the market for smartphones.

It’s very difficult for a user to be sure which of these is able to give the best security. So we tested many VPNs and selected the best premium VPN apps on android for you.

● ExpressVPN
● CyberGhost
● NordVPN
● Surfshark
● Private Internet Access

ExpressVPN – Trusted & Secure


$99/Two Year, Per Month $6.61
$59.95/ 6 Month, Per Month $9.99
$12.95/ Per Month

Express VPN is well known to users as the highest speed VPN. Of course, speed is very important for all VPN apps. It also has the best list in terms of online security. Express has 3000 plus Lightning FAst servers.

These are supported in 160 locations in 94 countries. Moreover, 4096 CA, TLSv1.2 & AES-256 encryption are used to protect user data.

By using these features, Express VPN is able to protect the user’s devices in a very powerful way. Express VPN will give you many more benefits. Especially with the tunnel feature you can choose the app you want to use VPN.

As a result, you don’t have to give access to another profile. Express VPN protects the device as well as the operating system. In 2019, ExpressVPN announced that their servers will no longer run on RAM or hard drives. That’s why it will provide more high speed.

However, let’s take a look at the features of ExpressVPN in the form of points.


♦ Selecting specific applications only allows you to run VPN on these.
♦ In this case, the apps that are out of the selection will run on the normal network.
♦ There are three types of protocols: UDP, Open, TCP.
♦ More than 3000 servers in 94 countries.
♦ 5 devices will be allowed to connect at the same time.
♦ Private DNS
♦ Public Wifi Safety
♦ Industry-Leading protection
♦ Good Encryption system


✔ Wide Language Supports
✔ Huge Server Supports
✔ 24/7 live support fasility.
✔ 30 days money return policy


✘ More Expensive
✘ No-kill switch

CyberGhost VPN


Three-Year Plan: $87.47, per month pay 2.24(Extra 3 Month Free)
Two-Year Plan: $83.14, per month 3.46 pay
yearly: $47.44, per month $3.95 pay
One Month Plan: $12.16

CyberGhost was launched in 2004. It’s a Romanian company. If we talk about a VPN for the maximum number of servers, then CyberGhost VPN is the best. Yes, this VPN has 7500+ servers from 91+ countries and all servers are high speed, which is really incredible.

Another title I can give to CyberGhost is transparency. Because it is the only VPN service that maintains all the transparency of their work. This VPN also has all the advanced security features with the highest priority in terms of security. So I think CyberGhost VPN can be the best choice for any user.


♦ Facility to connect up to seven devices simultaneously.
♦ Streaming protection
♦ Public WiFi Protection
♦ No log policy
♦ Highest encryption available
♦ 91+ Countries
♦ 75000+ fasted servers
♦ Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux


✔ Good wifi security
✔ Secure Connection
✔ Huges country supports with Hughes servers
✔ One-week trial Facility
✔ 24/7 live chat support


✘ No option on local networking
✘ Doesn’t work perfectly from China or UAE

NordVPN – Fast VPN For Privacy


$11.95/ Per Month
$59/ Yearly, monthly bill $4.92
$89/Two Year, per month bill, $3.71

If NordVPN is not on the list of best premium VPNs, the list would be incomplete. Because Norton VPN has so many great features that keep it in the best position. Yes, Norton is able to provide your Android phone’s browsing history, IP address, streaming location, WiFi security, and so on.

NordVPN provides the best encryption system on the market. This VPN has 5500 plus servers in 59 countries. So users can use any server at any time. Normally VPN apps offer one protocol. But NordVPN offers three protocols at once which in turn enhances security.

Another feature I like about this VPN is that it allows two servers to be connected at the same time if the device needs extra security. However, let’s take a look at the features of NordVPN in the form of points.


♦ The latest encryption system AES-256 bit has been used.
♦There are three types of VPN protocols: WireGuard, OpenVPN, NordLynx.
♦ Able to turn off data traffic if needed.
♦ Ways to choose 5500+ servers from 59 countries
♦ Advantages to using six devices at the same time.
♦ Provides a P2P server to share large files.
♦ If extra safety is required, then traffic can be routed using one server with another.


✔ Unlimited data freedom
✔ Powerful encryption
✔ Huges servers available
✔ 24/7 Customer Supports


✘ Expensive
✘ Setting up OpenVPN on the router is not user-friendly

Surfshark Secure VPN Proxy


2-year plan : $59.82, Monthly pay $2.22 (83% savings)
6 Month Plan: $38.98 , Monthly pay $6.50 (50% savings)
Monthly: $12.96

You can easily understand what Surfshark VPN is like if you notice its success. Because the current user of Surfshark VPN, which started its journey in 2018, is more than 2.4 million. If the performance of this VPN is not good, it is not possible to connect with so many users in such a short time.

However, the feature that has made this app stand out in the minds of the users in a different way is that as many devices as you want With the same profile you can protect multiple devices at once. There is no device limitation, Which seemed great to me.

SurfShark has 1600 plus servers available in more than 63 countries. AES-256-GCM encryption has been used for data security, which is very amazing. Surfshark is able to unblock geo-blocked very easily. Moreover, you can do tormenting.


♦ Able to connect unlimited devices at the same time.
♦ 1700 servers available in 63 Countries
♦ No Logs Policy
♦ Browse privately
♦ Location Protect
♦ Get secure IPTV access
♦ Ads and malware protect
♦ Public Wi-Fi security
♦ Real-time Search Result
♦ Stream Privately
♦ Save money and good boost speed
♦ All advanced security features


✔ Budget-friendly
✔ Unlimited devices support
✔ Good malware protection
✔ One-month Money-Back Guarantee
✔ 24/7 live support


✘ Confusing Pricing
✘ Limited P2P Servers

Private Internet Access


One Month Plan: $12.23
One Year Plan: $40.88, Monthly $3.40 pay
Three Years Plan: $79.52, Monthly $2.20 pay

If we want to list rank in private VPN, then Private Internet Access will be on top. There are many reasons behind this. If you use this app, you will get access from 128+ places in more than 77 countries.

You will also get unlimited bandwidth, ad-block, malware, spyware protection. This VPN can easily unblock Geo-Block and will benefit from using torrents. The Kill Switch feature of Private Internet Access VPN is excellent, as it will greatly increase the security of your server connection.


♦ Malware Protection
♦ Browsing Protection
♦ Connects up to 10 devices at once
♦ IP cloaking
♦ Four VPN Protocols
♦ Unlimited Bandwidth


✔ Powerful encryption system
✔ Multi-device support
✔ One-week trial facility
✔ One-month money-back guarantee


✘ Privacy Policy isn’t clear
✘ Speed could be even better

What Makes a Good Android VPN?

When you go for a VPN, it needs to fulfill all your requirements. Four main points make a great VPN. These are speed, privacy & security, usability, and costing. If a premium VPN meets these criteria, you can easily choose it as your internet privacy manager.

Free VPN Apps On Android

While describing the best premium VPNs above, I have banned the use of free VPNs several times. I am still adamant about that decision. So again I recommend you use a premium VPN.

However, if you do not want to use a premium VPN. Because you do not need to visit unknown sites, as a result, a lot of security is not required. So, here are some of the best free VPN for you to choose from.

Because I have tested using many VPN apps, we have selected these for you. After various tests, we found that these are the most reliable and best free VPN. Now let’s take a look at these and know something.

♦ Hotspot Shield
♦ Windscribe
♦ Speedify
♦ Porton VPN
♦ Hide. me
♦ TunnelBear

Hotspot Shield

Play Store Ratings: 4.3 ★
Play Store Download: 100 Million+
Play Store Reviews: 1 Million+
Free data allowance: 500MB per day

There are many reasons to keep HotspotShield among the best free VPN apps. This app will offer you 500 MBs of data per day for free. Two servers offer free and there are also ads in the app. As HotspotShield is a free version, there are ads.

Hotspot Shield VPN has a good encryption system, that’s why it provides trusted security and privacy. When we see online security, then we basically think of IP Address Protection, Identity Hide, and Location Hide.

The free version of Hotspot Shield offers devices for each of these security services.  So, you can definitely use this VPN.


♦ Free or unlimited
♦ Unparalleled Performance
♦ Lo logs
♦ Malware Protection
♦ Phishing Protection
♦ Unlimited Bandwidth
♦ Data Security
♦ WiFi-Security
♦ Private Browsing


✔ User-friendly Interface
✔ Good Bandwidth support
✔ AES-256 Encryption
✔ Ad Fee


✘ No Firefox add-on
✘ Sometimes it doesn’t work in China
✘ Controversy over the free VPN app

Windscribe VPN

Play Store Ratings: 4.4 ★
Play Store Download: 10 Million+
Play Store Reviews: 67k+
Free data allowance: 10GB per month

Windscribe offers VPN services as well as built-in ads and malware blocker features. This VPN offers 10 GB of data per month, which seems perfect to me. Because 10 GB of data is good enough for streaming in standard resolution.

Although Windscribe VPN is free, the reason for its popularity is to give good performance in torrenting.

However, in my opinion, Windscribe VPN is a very good tool, which can play a good role in keeping a user safe online. Windscribe VPN user interface is also very user-friendly, so any user can use it easily.


♦ Able to unblock geo-restricted content
♦ Strong Encryption
♦ Can be automatically enabled and disabled,
♦ Has split tunneling feature
♦ Offers powerful-logging system
♦ Offers 4 protocols, such as IKEv2, OpenVPN, Stealth, UDP / TCP


✔ 10 GB data cap
✔ Easy to use
✔ Strong Encryption
✔ 10 Countries
✔ US Netflix Supported


✘ No live chat support
✘ 10GB Monthly limitations
✘ No Kill Switch
✘ Human Live Chat Not Available


Play Store Ratings: 4.2 ★
Play Store Download: 15 Million+
Play Store Reviews: 40 k+
Free data allowance: 5GB per month

Speedify is definitely one of the best VPN apps for free. The kill switch feature of this VPN has taken it to different heights from other free VPNs. Speedify VPN offers 5 servers, all of which are capable of performing well in torrenting. Moreover, it is able to unblock streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify.

Speedy, capable of delivering stable and reliable performance in streaming. Also, SpeedFi offers cellular, Ethernet, satellite connectivity, Wi-Fi, and Starlink connectivity at the same time, which is great.

So overall, as a free VPN, Speedify gives users a lot of security. This is why Speedify VPN can be the best free VPN app for any user.


♦ Bonding Mode
♦ Good Speed
♦ Bypass
♦ Zero Log Policy
♦ Stealth VPN
♦ Ad Blocker
♦ Streaming
♦ Good Customer supports
♦ Speed Test Tool
♦ Transport Mode


✔ Perfect Speeds
✔ Perfect security features
✔ Bypass feature
✔ Five devices Connections at one


✘ Not perfect on unblocking
✘ Based in the USA


Play Store Ratings: 4.4 ★
Play Store Download: 5 Million+
PlayStore Reviews: 30k+
Free data allowance: Unlimited

ProtonVPN seems like a great VPN to me because of the unlimited data offer. Its encryption system is much better. In the first case of opening a profile in ProtonVPN, several servers are available for free, but later three servers are always free. This VPN can perfectly unblock streaming services like Netflix and Spotify.

However, there are many logical reasons why ProtonVPN is the best VPN. This VPN was created by CERN scientists using the world’s largest encrypted email service. According to ProtonVPN officials, the free version of this VPN allows secure and encrypted Internet access with enhanced security features.

As a result, users are able to easily access streaming platforms and blocked websites. Authorities further confirmed that they do not record any browsing history and do not sell user data to third parties. So I think ProtonVPN has a very strong position as one of the best free VPNs.

Features :

♦ High downloads speeds
♦ Bypass geo-restrictions
♦ Unlimited data uses
♦ Personal Information not required
♦ No bandwidth speed restrictions
♦ Strong encryption system
♦ Perfect data security
♦ Allows split tunneling support
♦ DNS Leak Protection


✔ No ads
✔ Strictly NO logs
✔ Good Logging policy
✔ Good download speed
✔ No speed Restrictions
✔ Use AES-256 and 4096 RSA encryption for data protection


✘ Only three server locations
✘ Not offer 24/7 live chat supports

Hide. me

Play Store Ratings: 4.4 ★
Play Store Download: 5 Million+
PlayStore Reviews: 30k+
Free data allowance: 10GB

Hide.me Free VPN has a split tunneling feature, which is very important. This VPN offers 5 servers. With these servers, you can unblock streaming websites like Spotify and Kodi. But Netflix is ​​not able to unblock. By using Hide VPN, users will be able to use 2 Gigabytes of data per month.

The Hide.me free VPN app has over 20 million users. The main reason for so many users is its simplicity. Its VPN app provides security, privacy to users as well as bypassing land restrictions and censorship.


♦ Try Multihop – Double VPN
♦ Perfect no-log policy
♦ SpiltTunneling
♦ High speed
♦ VPN Kill switch
♦ High Quality
♦ Offers reliable protocols like WireGuard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN
♦ Automatic server selections
♦ Automatic reconnections


✔ No payment details required
✔ Wifi security
✔ No data leaks
✔ 24/7 live chat support


✘ Only five servers are available
✘ Failed to unlock Netflix


Play Store Ratings: 4.4 ★
Play Store Download: 10 Million+
Play Store Reviews: 246k+
Free data allowance: Unlimited

TunnelBear has gained a lot of recognition for VPN torrenting. But it has failed to unblock streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu. This VPN has Ghost Bear mode, by which VPN blocks can be bypassed.

However, as a free app, the TunnelBear VPN app is able to play an incredible role in protecting online threats and privacy. Moreover, the TunnelBear interface is also very simple and easy. The current subscribers of this VPN app are 45milion.

When an app is used by 45 million users, it must be trusted. TunnelBear VPN encrypts browsing data, leaving user data, user information, and anonymity.


♦ User-friendly interface
♦ Private VPN Server
♦ Private Website Security
♦ Minimal logging policy
♦ Online Privacy Protection
♦ Global Content Access


✔ VPN servers in 23 countries
✔ Good download speed
✔ 24/7 Customer support


✘ Only 500MB Per Month
✘ CAn’t unlock Netflix
✘ No WireGuard support

Is it illegal to use a VPN to watch Netflix?

It is not illegal to use VPN to watch Netflix. But in countries where the use of VPN is prohibited, if anyone watches Netflix using VPN from those countries, it will be normally illegal.

My short answer to the question whether using a VPN is good or bad for a phone is definitely good. Because a good VPN can keep your identity secret. As a result, a user can gain a lot of benefits by accessing locked content in a specific area.

Moreover, it is safe to visit unknown sites. However, a good VPN is able to benefit a user in many more ways.

Which is the best premium VPN app on Android?

This article was originally on Best Premium VPN, you already know. So the VPNs I’m talking about above are the best in the market. I tested each VPN using my own and did a lot of research.

This is why after checking so many VPNs these are the best VPNs. So it is really difficult to get the best VPN from this list. But I recommend NordVPN from my completely personal opinion. However, I can say for sure that you can use anyone.

Which is the best free VPN app on Android?

After talking about the premium VPNs above, I also talked about the best free VPN apps. So in this list, I have shown the best free VPN apps on the market with ratings and customer reviews.

The VPNs on this list deserve to be the best because of their different features. For example, if someone needs unlimited data access, Porton VPN is best for them. But if you use regular 500 MB, then Hotspot Shield may be best for you.

Is using VPN legal or illegal?

VPN is not an illegal application. But, if someone works illegally using this VPN, then using VPN is not illegal. Except for some countries, there is no restriction on the use of VPN in any country.

Final Words

When it comes to the best premium VPN apps on android, everyone thinks of computers. But, I would say that you should also pay attention to the security of your phone. Because now almost everything is done by phone, that’s why you have to visit all known and unknown sites by phone.

Moreover, all the important files are also stored in the phone’s storage or cloud server and bank account. So it is important to pay attention to their safety. So if you want to ensure the integrity of your device and data, there is no alternative to premium VPN. Free VPNs will never offer you complete security.

However, today I talked a lot about premium VPN. I have given you a description of five premium VPNs. To me, these five are the best premium VPNs. So you can make any choice by reading the above descriptions.

Besides, I also mention the five best free VPN apps. So, If you don’t spend money on VPN apps, then you can use the five free VPN apps.

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