What Is Web 3.0? Explained In Details

web 3.0

So what is Web 3.0? Are you getting confused about this web 3.0 concept? We are here to pull you out of all the confusion. It’s not just a concept. Building a new generation of the web is under process. People have different ideas about it. But I think you are not really clear about the whole infrastructure.

We are about to meet one of the biggest technological revolutions. You must not want to keep yourself behind. That’s why you should understand the importance of knowing about what is Web 3.0. The upcoming version of the web will change the entire system.

Over the years our internet has changed dramatically. Web 2.0 is constantly feeding on us. Through this article, I am going to explain what will be the effect of Web 3.0 on our current web giants. Such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Moreover, Web 3.0 will change the whole scenario of crypto.

What is Web 3.0? Everything you need to know

Web 3.0 represents the third generation of the internet. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Web 3.0 unleashes your freedom. It comes sequentially after Web 1.0 and 2.0.

If you have zero ideas about this topic, that will not matter. Because the way I am going to explain will easily be understandable for all classes and ages of people.

This next generation of web, also called semantic web by Tim Berners-Lee. He invented the World Wide Web that we use today. This revolutionary technology will ensure 100% privacy and protection of an individual’s data. I will briefly explain everything to enlighten you.

Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0

Web 1.0

Web 2.0

Web 3.0

  • 1990-2004
  • Static, Read-only
  • Centralized
  • Privacy issues
  • 2004-Now
  • Read and Write
  • Centralized
  • Privacy issues
  • Future
  • Fully customizable
  • Decentralized
  • Fully Private

Before knowing about Web 3.0 you need to know the previous versions working process. The late 90s was the era of web 1.0. It started in 1990. At that time all sites were static.

The users were the consumers. Back then, we could only read the information from the websites. There was no option to write for users.

Those static web pages were called read-only pages. That 1st generation of the web continued until 2004. Since 2004 we have been on the 2nd generation of the web. It is called web 2.0. The internet we use now is under web 2.0.

So what are the differences between web 1.0 and 2.0? There are some major changes. Unlike web 1.0, you can interact with the data now. Websites take information from you and store your data in their specific servers.

In exchange, you can enjoy all the facilities of a website. The best part is, you are not just a user now. You can even create content for others’ consumption.

Let’s talk about Facebook for example. For using all the attractive features of Facebook, you need to give Facebook your data. Without your mail ID, phone number, address, occupation, and other related information, you can not start using Facebook. Facebook collects these data with your permission.

But some of your information they store without your concern. Your likes, interests, frequently visited pages, etc. they use these data to earn a large amount of money from the advertisers.

It often happens that you just have watched a video on a bike. The next time you enter the same site, you will see a bunch of car-related videos and ads on your news feed.

These days most renowned websites collect the caches of your browsing data. So not just Google or Facebook or Youtube, all others do the same. This system creates a monopoly.

You even can not speak against the community guidelines. In case you do, The company has the right to delete or ban your content. Today these dominative companies own our information. We have such little control over our own contents.

How will Web 3.0 change the current system?

All these existing systems will change with Web 3.0. The third generation of the web is supposed to give you complete freedom. Only you can access and manage your data. No monopoly should work there. No One can track your records.

Remember I said the Web 2.0 is feeding on our information. Did you find any relation with the above explanation? Today our data is generally stored in a centralized way. In the future, Web 3 will be decentralized. But there would be interconnection in everyone’s data.

None of these companies will own our data or content. In Web 3.0, our computers will interact as humans and interpret the information. You’ll be surprised to know an example of Web 3.0. That is our very familiar Apple’s voice assistant Siri.

Siri never collects information in a centralized way. It does tasks on your command. Machine learning and artificial intelligence help it to decide and adequately do the tasks. In this decentralized system, three technologies must be included.

We already talked about two of them, which are machine learning and artificial intelligence. The final one is Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is strongly related to cryptocurrency. Because cryptocurrency is based on Blockchain technology. The first and successful use of Blockchain is Bitcoin. Where Blockchain and Crypto exist, Web 3.0 is not so far.

In the Crypto space, already some projects are running to make Web 3.0 real. One of them is BAT (Basic Attention Token). They are providing a browser called Brave Browser.

Whenever you browse a website from Google, you enjoy the content and always watch some ads. That generates revenue. Google gets the full revenue and shares a little percentage with the content creator.

Here you, who watch the ads and increase the impression of that content, never get any percentage of that revenue. But Brave works like Google but generates profits when you read or view others’ content.

That means the ongoing monarchy ends here. It also changes the revenue system. Now let’s talk about how a Crypto investor can gain profit from this system. You should know, Web 3.0 is a new trend that comes once in an era. This trend can bring more profits for Crypto investors.

Privacy system

If you are an extremely privacy-concerned person, make yourself relaxed. Because of the 3rd generation of the web, your data would never be collected by any provider. You will be the owner of your content and page. So you can improve and change your page whenever you want.

There would be no specific server to store your data. Your uploaded content or data will be on various servers instead of one server. That’s why hackers can’t mess with your data.

For this decentralization, if a hacker hacks and deletes your data from a server, you do not need to worry. Your data will be stored on other different servers. That makes it impossible to track all your data.

The new Metaverse Concept is a part of Web 3.0. NFT Play to Earn is another part as well. So you cannot say the idea of Web 3.0 is just gossip. All these fantasy things will come true.

Some disadvantages of Web 3.0

Although Web 3.0 seems a blessing to us, analytics raised a few questions against it. As the topic came to light, the most blurry fact was the restriction issues. If no one can track and delete your content, you can not publish inappropriate posts.

Another big issue is in the name of freedom you can not promote censored or restricted content. Web 3.0 would be the most advanced technology. So you must need modern gadgets and accessories to use all the features of it. Affording those can be a big problem for ordinary people.

Our present web system is not ready at all to accept web 3.0. So controlling it properly is not going to be that easy. Initially, it might not feel flexible to us. It will take a long time to adjust ourselves to this completely new and never-seen-before technology.

Final words

In today’s world, the internet has become a basic need. We are so used to the internet that it’s like an addiction now. Why not? It contains all you need. You have everything there to make yourself comfortable. Friends, entertainment, solutions, products, and all others are there for you.

The upgraded version of the internet can do things beyond our imagination. Naturally, we can not figure out our needs before someone shows us the importance of something.

So it’s tough to say what else will attract our interests in web 3.0. Now I think you got a clear idea of what is Web 3.0. You will know more as it comes closer.



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