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Which Is The NO-1 VPN App For Android in 2022?

Do you want to know which is the No-1 VPN app for Android in 2022? It’s not that easy to pick one from a huge collection. The Google Play Store contains at least 200 VPN apps. When it comes to security, we trust the Play Store most. So today we are here with the best VPN app for your Android phone in 2022.

VPN means Virtual Private Network. It helps to provide you unrestricted internet access. A good VPN app always secures your online activities. You know that right? Now let me tell you what you don’t know. A wrong choice can make your device more vulnerable to malware.

Filtering the best one from the Play Store is a tough task. So we did all the homework for you and now presenting the best VPN app of 2022.

More About The No-1 VPN App For Android In 2021 You Must Try:

The app we are talking about is named NordVPN. For performance, you don’t want a VPN that significantly slows down your browsing speeds. NordVPN is undoubtedly very fast. This one is possibly the best VPN app for Android. The mobile app is just as simple as the desktop version.

You will get tons of features with this app. The thing you will love most is its map feature. It looks so satisfying. This map makes using this app quick and convenient. You will easily find the server list. I am saying that because in many VPN apps navigating the server list is kind of complicated.

Unlimited collection of fast servers

You will get an unbelievable number of dedicated servers. Yes, you heard it right and we know that’s what you like most. Check out the Specialty Dedicated Servers from the list below:

  • The dedicated torrenting server is named P2P
  • Onion over VPN for advanced security
  • Double VPN for making your security double
  • Obfuscated server to protect you while gaming
  • Dedicated IP to hide your IP address

These were just a little bit of its long list of features. More than 5500 international servers should be enough for you. Connecting through this app is very easy. A quick-connect option is included to provide a one-click connection with the best server. We know many other apps contain this feature. But they can not make a connection as fast as NordVPN.

Topnotch Features of Nord VPN

  • Surf websites privately
  • Enjoy fasted connection
  • Stay protected on Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Shield yourself from cyber threats
  • Guard your private and sensitive data
  • Set custom-DNS
  • Switch between TCP and UDP protocols.

There are a bunch of features in settings. The most effective one is the Ad and Malware blocker. Just turn on the CyberSec option by sliding the switch. Then Nord VPN will protect you from malware and block unwanted ads. You can also hide your traffic while browsing in inadequate countries. This essential feature makes you untraceable.

Changing protocol would be very helpful while it comes to maintaining your safety. Besides that, Auto-connect has some options to control connections. It can choose how and when your device connects. So you do not have to worry about connecting manually.

Supports, Services, and Security

You won’t see a kill switch here. That’s because it works automatically. It kills VPN connection when you are not using the internet. So you can say it is a pretty intelligent app. The thing I like most is the 24*7 live support. There is a live chat option where customer service experts are available full-time. 

You will get a quick response from them. Whenever you face a bug, you can directly get a solution. A customer-friendly environment is very important. It is a strong reason for selecting this as the number 1 VPN app for Android. This highly functional VPN app is not the only reason why NordVPN has such a stellar reputation. 

It has a military-grade encryption method. If you do not know what that means, let me explain it to you in a single sentence. Military-grade encryption is the most secure way to transfer information. This system is used for military secret services. Now you should understand why it is the best. But Nord is not the only app that provides this service.

There are other good VPN apps. The advanced options make it the best in them. Nord VPN uses the latest tunneling protocols. Have you heard about split tunneling? Through this, you can select the apps that you do not want to run on this VPN. 

As it is the fastest VPN on the market, You can stream literally without interruption. Moreover, you can unblock all the streaming platforms that are unavailable in your region. The obfuscated servers mean that this VPN for Android can bypass Chinese censorship. 

You can use it on multiple devices and support several connections. You will be benefited if you purchase the three-years plan. It’s really budget-friendly. But if you compare it with other paid VPN apps, it costs slightly higher. I think that is considerable for top-class security and extra features.

Nord VPN is based in Panama where privacy is deeply respected. So you don’t need to worry about privacy. The no-log policy is independently audited and verified.

Should you use VPN for regular internet browsing?

Of course, you should. No one knows the threads running across the internet. Every day you are connecting your device with different public Wi-Fi networks. That makes your device exposed to cyber threats. In another case with a good VPN app, you can feel the freedom of different servers. A good VPN app must improve your browsing experience.


This all-in-one NordVPN is available in the Google Play Store. You can download it directly without facing trouble. The Android app is only 27.11 MB which makes it incredibly compact in size. When it comes to choosing a VPN app, most of us prefer the free ones.

The free apps can temporarily work for managing your internet privacy. But they can not provide the actual security. That’s why for professional usage, you must need a paid VPN. Nord VPN is trustworthy and I strongly recommend it when you ask- which is the no-1 VPN app for android in 2021. Especially for Android smartphones, it is the number 1 VPN app so far.

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