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How To Make An Antivirus? You Can Try It

Antivirus is very familiar to all of us who use the Internet on our computers. Especially if you are a Windows user, then you must use antivirus. Because Windows users are at greater risk.

There are many types of malware viruses on the Internet, which can enter our computer systems due to our carelessness. Surely you know and understand how harmful it can be for you.

Although there are many types of antivirus on the Internet, many people now want to create and use their antivirus. If you want to use your antivirus then you are coming to the right place.

In this article, I will show you how you can create your own antivirus and use it on your computer system. So stay with me in the end, then, of course, you will benefit a lot.

Why Do We Need Antivirus?

There is no end to the importance of using antivirus, but in a word, I would say it will protect your computer. I have already mentioned that while using the Internet, a virus can enter your computer system, which can destroy a lot of your data.

It may be that you fail to access the important data on your computer, as these viruses can encrypt the data. Anti-virus will always protect your computer from many more such attacks.

When Can You Think Of Creating Your Own Antivirus?

Although there are many types of good antivirus on the market, many people now use their own antivirus. The main reason for this may be that the antivirus is always active in the system, due to which the performance of the PC is somewhat reduced.

The operating systems we currently use are capable of playing a fairly good role in controlling viruses. So people are now choosing a simple self-made virus instead of an.

So if you have a situation where the antivirus software you have is weakening your computer system. In this case, you can make and use antivirus for yourself.

Is It Possible For Everyone To Create Their Own Anti-Virus?

Yes, of course possible. Creating an anti-virus is not a complicated thing, just follow some guidelines perfectly, anyone can create an antivirus for themselves.

How can you create an antivirus?

There is nothing to fear that antivirus you can create very easily. I show you how to create an antivirus step by step, you follow the steps perfectly.

  • First open Notepad. If you can’t open Notepad, go to the Windows search box and type Notepad. Then open it by clicking.
  • Below is an algorithm, copy it.
@echo off

title Antivirus

echo Antivirus

echo created by your name

: start

if exist virus.bat goto infected

if not exist virus.bat goto clean

cd C:\Windows\system32

: infected

echo warning virus detected

del virus.bat


goto start

: clean

echo System secure!


  • Now paste this algorithm by pressing Ctrl + V on your opened Notepad. 
  • Now you have to do the most important and last thing. This code must be set with the (.bat) extension. So go to the file option in Notepad, select the save option from there, then type (.bat) next to any one of the names and save by pressing Enter.

Some Important Things About Self-Made Anti-Virus:

Hopefully, you have already created the virus. You can use this, it is able to clean the antivirus from your computer system. But if you’re not careful about browsing the net, I don’t think it can protect your computer very much.

This is because browsing the net can cause many powerful viruses to enter your computer without your knowledge. These antiviruses do not have the ability to protect against them.

So to keep your computer completely free from virus attacks, it is best to use one of the paid and unpaid software available in the market. Because these software programs prevent viruses from entering your computer. 

In addition, there are many other features that are essential to the security of your computer. These are always active, which is why the virus does not get a chance to enter.

Which Antivirus Software Should You Use?

There are so many types of antivirus on the market that everyone is confused about which one to use. So I am suggesting the names of some of the best quality anti-virus software. Many big software companies are creating these antivirus softwares.

So you can use any of the below mentioned ones. So let’s look at the names of the best anti-viruses on the market:

  • Avast 
  • Malwarebytes
  • Norton 
  • Avira
  • McAfee 

Each of these has a free and paid version. You can use the free version for your home computer and the paid version for official use. From here, you can use the software that you like to use. There are no special differences among them. Each software is able to successfully play an equal role in protecting the computer from virus attacks.

Final Words

Nowadays, we hear about scammers and hackers, They inject viruses into your computer without your knowledge. These viruses can cause extremely serious damage to anyone. So everyone should protect the computer from these

Since the best anti-viruses on the market are heavy, many want to create and use anti-viruses themselves. So above I have shown you how to create an antivirus, I hope you already understand. Maybe following the steps has made antivirus so far

However, I would advise you to choose one of the above antivirus applications, the reasons for which I have also explained. So hopefully you understand what you should do.

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