Best Free Antivirus For Laptop or Computer In 2021

Best Free Antivirus

Tensed about the security of your laptop/pc?

There are enough reasons to get tensed. When it comes to having an antivirus, you have to pay a specific amount of money. To be honest, most people can’t afford that amount of money. So what to do? 

Here we come with a great solution. If you search a bit, then you will get a lot of free versions of several anti-viruses. To make your process easier, here we share the names of the most known free antivirus. Let’s not just make you wait, here we start-

The Most Used Free Antivirus for PC

1. Avast

Avast the most used antivirus in the entire world. As this is well known, surely there are enough reasons behind that. The very first thing we would like to talk about this antivirus is that this virus ensures Ona-access protection. So because of this, your pc will be safe from every single kind of virus. Secondly, most people get confused about the installation process. But this antivirus is too easy to install. 

You always remain busy installing new software? Okay, this antivirus always scans all the browser plugins. Just because of that facility you will get to know that, which software’s are not good enough for your pc. Not only that. This antivirus will not just protect you from viruses which might harm your pc, but also it will make you know, about the current virus available in your pc. So obviously that’s a great facility. 

Lastly, we would like to make you know about another facility for this antivirus. If you are bored of getting notifications of several pop-ups then this antivirus is here to save you. How? The silent mode facility will save you from this problem. In a word, once you install this antivirus on your pc, you will safe from all kinds of probable risk. But yes, sometimes you will see a few ads, but that won’t occur regularly. Most importantly, you have to register the antivirus software after a specific period.

Best Free Antivirus
Image Credit: Avast

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2. AVG

You can also use this one. What you will get?

Malware blocking has become a much-known problem for people. But this problem will be solved by this antivirus software. Because AVG includes a malware blocking system, so no matter what, you will get a super service for sure. Another security concern of users is that few websites somehow detect your location and thus they mainly collect your data. But once you have this one, your location won’t be shared with anyone else. 

The user interface of this thing is just what you wanted. So obviously you will get great comfort while using it.  Long with these, malicious URLs are being a great problem for all the users. These kinds of URL’s can cause serious type of harm to your pc. That’s why AVG will ensure that no malicious URL just harms your pc. 

Let’s talk about the customer service of this antivirus. If you feel any kind of problem, then there is live chat support for you. No matter what the time is, you will be able to have a chat with the specialists. Not just live chat support, for any serious discussion you will have email support also. 

Lastly, we would like to talk about the notification which you mainly get because of several updates that occurred on your pc. But luckily you won’t see those, because this antivirus includes the game mode, which will prevent those notifications to come in front of you. 

It’s not like these are the services that AVG will provide you. Long with this, you will get too many services which will ensure better use of yours. 

Best Free Antivirus
Image Credit: AVG

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3. Bitdefender

This very special free antivirus is available on the internet since 2001. Till now, users are using this one with enough satisfaction. Why it is good? 

Most of the time, we see that because of the performance of antivirus our pc used to get slow. Thus we can’t do our required work perfectly. But when you will use this antivirus, you won’t face this problem, Because this antivirus mainly works in the background, so your pc will remain super-fast. 

Most importantly, just like all other antiviruses, you will be getting email support on this one also. So once you will face a problem, you can knock the officials. 

Let’s talk about another problem is phishing. None of us wants to face this problem. So the thing is, when you will install this antivirus you will be protected from phishing. 

Another special fact of this antivirus is that the entire scanning system is too fast for this pc. Once you will click on the scan option, it will find out all the viruses very fast.  The last thing is, Bitdefender is more than perfect because it includes on-access protection for you. That’s why you will be protected from all kinds of malware for sure. 

Our final words to you will be, if you are in search of a simple and super-fast antivirus, then it’s the thing which you are wanting for. Its accurate protection and up to the mark customer service is exactly a user can expect. 

Best Free Antivirus
Image Credit: Bitdefender

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4. Sophos Home

This antivirus was shared by the very known Sophos group for all the users worldwide. They made it within a format that, this antivirus runs on windows and Linux. Nost just these two actually, you can use those in the android ones also. This freedom ensures that this product is useable for all the users. 

When it comes to using antivirus software, managing the dashboard becomes an issue. Due to some reasons most of us can’t just manage that too perfectly. But this one is different. Managing its dashboard is easy, so you won’t have to be tensed about this issue. 

Another important feature of this one is that it doesn’t delete the entire virus on its own. Once this antivirus software finds any of the viruses on your pc, it will find show you the entire details. Also, it shows the next step which you should follow. Thus you will be able to delete the viruses on your own. 

The user interface is another important feature. It’s too clean that, you will get a great experience while using the antivirus. 

The final word we would like to say is that, if you are using your pc for personal issues, then you should go with this one. Undoubtedly you will get a super perfect service from this one. 

Best Free Antivirus
Image Credit: Sophos Home

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5. Comodo Antivirus

When you will use this antivirus, it’s not like it will force you to scan your pc every single time. You can set a scheduled time for doing the scan, thus you won’t face any hassle while working on your pc/laptop. 

Sometimes our most valuable files might get attacked by the virus. Thus we might be forced to delete those. But if you use Comodo Antivirus, you don’t have to do that. Why we are saying this? Because once a file is infected, Comodo Antivirus will keep them in a separate folder. So you will be able to use the infected ones also and once you feel that those files are not important, you can also delete them. 

Comodo Antivirus includes sandbox technology. This is something which will make a virtual environment and because of that, your pc will remain protected from every single kind of viruses. Not just that, Comodo Antivirus offers real-time scanning. As a computer user, we hope you understand how important it is to have real-time scanning on your antivirus software. 

Comodo Antivirus also includes a Heuristics Engine, which is another important feature. Why it is important? Because this Heuristics Engine will find out all the viruses which are already available in your pc. Thus you will get a pc, which is fresh from all the problems. 

Can we talk about a feature which you ever heard of? Okay, so the thing is, you will be able to scan your cell phone through this antivirus. Isn’t it is something special? Not just that, even you can scan CD’s when you will play them through your pc. Undoubtedly that will add great value. 

So dear users, surely Comodo Antivirus is best for personal use. You will get a great experience while using it. 

Best Free Antivirus
Image Credit: Comodo Antivirus

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6. Avira

If you want to hear about the most famous antivirus, then this one is something which will meet your expectation. This includes all the latest updates available in the market. 

Avira Antivirus software offers Heuristic tools. Surely this will add a great benefit for you. Another thing is, enabling the antivirus program is easy in Avira. So no matter what, you will be super-fast than any other. 

Most importantly, Avira will ensure that your pc remains protected from probable virus attacks. When you will use your pc, you will do that without any tension and hesitation. 

Best Free Antivirus
Image Credit: Avira

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7. Panda Free Antivirus

We will start with a very common but important feature. This mainly offers automatic updates for you. So you won’t have to waste your time for updating purposes. 

Along with this, Panda Free Antivirus will continuously monitor all the websites you visit. Once it finds anything risky, it will just make you know, thus you will be safe from viruses. Not only that, the USB protection system is automated. That’s why once you input any kind of device, you get to know if that contains any virus. 

Along with all these, the malware protection system is more than perfect. In a word, it offers all the necessary services you might need.

Best Free Antivirus
Image Credit: Panda

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8. Malwarebytes Anti-malware

Okay, let’s just make one fact clear. It’s not antivirus software. If you have malware in your pc, then it will remove all the malware from your pc. 

Most important thing is, Malware bytes Anti-malware includes ‘chameleon’. So the malware protection service will be super accurate for sure. Another thing is, this antivirus software mainly removes all the adware. That’s why your user experience will be perfect. 

You heard about rootkits, right? Most users underestimate the capabilities of this malware, but in reality, it can harm your pc for sure. But the important fact is, rootkits will be also scanned by this antivirus software. 

Lastly, we would like to mention one thing, as we said one thing, you will not get the exact antivirus support from Malware bytes Anti-malware. But yes, as you will have antivirus software with you, so your antivirus will get great help from Malware bytes Anti-malware.

Best Free Antivirus
Image Credit: Malwarebytes

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9. Zone Alarm

That’s the very last suggestion which we are going to give you. In reality, it is a more than perfect antivirus for you. 

What you will get? This antivirus includes Zone Alarm. For sure that will add great value. Another important fact is that this specific antivirus will ensure, when you will use the internet, you get protection from every single kind of risk. 

Another thing is, once you will go downloading anything, several threats might occur. But as you have Zone Alarm installed, you will get to know the threats, thus your pc will be protected. 

Honestly speaking, Zone Alarm is really easy to use. You don’t have to be an expert to use it. Most importantly, if you find any kind of problems here, then you will have the option to send emails to the experts. Surely it’s a great benefit for all the respected users. Even the email sending process is so easy that, you will feel like chatting with the experts.

Best Free Antivirus
Image Credit: Zone Alarm

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Dear users, that’s all about the best free antivirus for you. You will get a professional service from all these. Almost all the antiviruses are easy to install and user-friendly. Once you will install any one of them, you will be protected from all kinds of risks. No matter what you download, where you browse, you won’t have to be tensed about the security purpose yours. Hope you are going to have a great experience with any of the antivirus.

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