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If You Unblock A Number Will You Receive Old Texts?

Unnecessary calls are irritating, right? That’s why you have a block option on your phone. It can be a crazy friend or a telemarketer. Whenever you need to get rid of any unwanted calls, you can use the blocking feature. In this situation, the question that hovers around your head is if you unblock a number will you receive old texts?

When you block someone, All of their calls, texts, and facetime calls are being stopped and ignored by your device. So that individual can not make any kind of communication with you.

Sometimes we get into arguments with our loved ones and block them. But soon we realized that we should answer them and there could be important texts.

Today we will find out if you can receive or retrieve texts from a previously blocked number or not.

If You Unblock A Number Will You Receive Old Texts?

Sometimes it happens, out of anger you put your friend’s number into that dumb list. But it doesn’t take a long time to realize that you just messed up and need to fix everything. Now there is a piece of bad news for iPhone users.

The system automatically deletes all texts from a blocked number. Yes, you can see the previous texts which you received before the number was blocked. You will also get notifications about the next texts after unblocking. But the texts sent during the blocking period are deleted.

There is no way to dig out those texts with your iPhone. You cannot recover them with any apps. You know Apple is always strict about user’s privacy and security which is great. It is the main reason that people love Apple devices. So you do not need to blame your iPhone because the decision was yours, right?

More about receiving old texts from a blocked number:

There are always some people you do not want to hear. When you block someone and want to check out their texts that means that person is important to you. The blocking system of every operating system is different. So the answer to your question depends on your OS.

How to recover texts from a blocked number?

You may have seen all the popular social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp does not provide any texting options for a blocked user. When it comes to reading or recovering blocked texts, Android users have some advantages.

Android users can actually read texts from blocked numbers. Wait, you are not going to get any notification or interruption from the blocked texts. The system will silently store the texts into a block list. There is also the option to restore blocked texts into the inbox. You just need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1- Open settings
Step 2- Select call settings
Step 3- Select call blocking service
Step 4- Open blocked messages
Step 5- Click restore to inbox

Well, you may need to tap and hold the text to see the restore option. Your blocked messages are being restored to your inbox. If you do not find any restore message option you may need to update your android device.

Are you still facing problems? Then you have to use your PC to retrieve the blocked texts. Don’t worry, we will take you there.

Why is a blocking system necessary?

The blocking option is built to apply against extremely irritating people. It can not recognize your priority level. So it just ignores all kinds of communication requests from a blocked number. It will be embarrassing to see spam text frequently.

Imagine you just blocked a number and then it starts to spam texts and all these texts are appearing on your screen. No one expects that. That’s why the blocking algorithm does not consider any kind of interruption from a blocked number.

It makes you secure and hassle-free. So when you block someone keep in mind that you are cutting off all connections and make sure the person is not important at all. Now the most frequently asked question is if you unblock someone, will you get the previous texts he sent when he was blocked?

Use Android data recovery tool to recover deleted texts:

First, you need to know the risk factors. You can not use this software on your mobile phone. It can be harmful to your phone. You must need a laptop or PC. This one is for Android users only. iOS users should not try this. Now let’s move on to the main part. You have to follow the instructions properly.

First, you need the application called Android Data Recovery. It is easy to find on Google. Just search by the name and download it from any trusted link. This app is well-rated. Many professionals use it to recover lost data.

This tool can recover any type of data like photos, videos, files, messages, WhatsApp messages, etc. Once downloaded you have to uninstall the app and open it. Here you have to select the storage either an SD card or your phone storage.

 Use a data cable to connect your phone to the PC. The interface is easy. Now select the scan option and you will see all lost data there. Do not forget to preview before clicking the recover option. Finally, your anticipated texts are here. So if you unblock a number will you receive old texts? yes, you will.

Final verdict

Blocking unwanted calls is necessary. That’s why this feature is useful and important. But it is true, someone who tries to reach you continuously may care about you. So a text from a blocked person can finish the argument. Who knows he/she may be feeling regretful.

As there is no option in your smartphone to retrieve a message from blocked numbers, you can try the above-mentioned tricks to recover. If you are unable to manage the setup then I have another simple way for you.

Make a call if the blocked person is your beloved one. Give him/her a chance to talk. If it does not work then the block option is always there for you.

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