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History Of Video Games: Inception To Today

What Is The History Of Video Games? Do you remember some of your childhood games? Alladin is flying on the carpet, lion king looking for his friends, Mario, and many more. Most people don’t know where the games begin additionally.

What Is The History Of Video Games?

Why video games invent? The question is quite impressive, and the answer is straightforward. The games create not only for kids but adults as well. It is a source of entertainment for kids and a distraction for adults.

Do you think the new high density and three-dimensional games today are new comparatively?

You’re mistaken; they also make back 20 years ago.

It perceives as the digital era, where everything is technical and high density.

Today, the world’s population is into games, either mobile, console, or computer.

1950 to 1970: History Of Video Games Timeline

There a time when the size of a computer the same as well as a room’s size. But people use those computers as well.

  • In 1950, big computers were consumed only for mathematics. But some of the students in the USA made games on these too big computers at that time.
  • In 1958, the first video game invented, Tennis For Two. It about a monitor and a flashlight move back and forth.
  • The game excites people for not more than three days.

1970: The History Of Video Game Consoles

You can now get to know about the games and their types in 1970 and onwards similarly.

  • Early in the 1970s, people use compact computers.
  • The company Atari found in 1972. It develops the first video game, Pong, which a big hit worldwide.
  • The game rules were the same as the tennis for two, but this version with a display screen and inserted coin.
  • Hence the video game console is made for a large amount of the public.
  • Apple came into in 1976, and so as the microprocessors.
  • There were consoles of games in more than 200 million people’s homes and with several rounds.
  • Moving to the next level with higher ranks the game’s spirit to be interesting for people.
  • Space Invaders was established in 1978, which was the start of arcades.
  • 1978 to 1980 was when people were starting betting their pocket money for the sake of video games.

1980: The History Of Video Games Replay

The history of video game design evolved around graphics.

  • Some of the still famous games were part of the industry in 1980, such as Pac Man, Ultima.
  • It was the era when home computers and consoles became common.
  • 1983 was the year of loss when Attari was bankrupted, and the whole industry declined.
  • The gaming industry took one step forward and improved the graphics. Hence, storytelling came into being.
  • After Atari commodore 64 existed and introduced ppl to design their game.
  • Mario was also a hit game in 1983.

1990: The History Of Video Games The three-dimension

The history of games evolved in the digital world. It now improves in graphics know as three dimensions or 3D.

The players moving in games can go in three directions rather than two. The graphics of the games more advanced with high color resolution.

  • The first game in 3D was Wolfenstein in 1992; it all about shooting with different weapons.
  • Then the game changes, as in 1994: Sony produced Play Station.
  • It was just the game-changer, sony made, what a graphic design.
  • In 1995: The game was Command and Conquer, which was about a battle.
  • In 1996: Tomb Raider, the game idea was the search for historical artifacts.
  • In 1997: The age of Empires was to construct a civilization.
  • Students and adults were raving about new and old games.

2000: The Technology Came Into Being

No one had ever think about playing online, nor the internet was strong enough. To play against each other, the LAN introduces.

People bring their computers along and connect them in the local area to play side by side. Gaming cafes started to build and play all day long.

  • The skeptical game strike initiate in 2000, which was all about terrorist and anti-terror units.
  • To play like this was the biggest hit, and then gaming started online.
  • In 2004, world of warcraft;  the first video game played online.
  • Then with the counting years, games play online every year and accordingly.
  • The graphics became more realistic than before.
  • There are different varieties of interferes fun.
  • The fiction games came into being, where the person explore the world on their own.
  • The century produced some of its worldwide hits;
    • In 2000: The sims.
    • In 2004: GTA is also known as Grand Theft Auto.
    • Super Galaxy Mario in 2007.
    • In 2010 Minecraft is still the most played game online.

2010 And Onward: The Era Of Smartphones

2010 is the time when smartphones came into being, and we use them commonly.

Every person owns a computer, smartphone, or either tablet.

There are a thousand gaming studios build and consist of the latest games all the time. It gives the gaming industry a bang, and now every new person started its gaming studio as a means of earning.

Now the games in smartphones are the real addiction for not only kids but adults as well. It is the least inexpensive and innocent entertainment for everyone.

The storyline and graphics lead the person to a new world, such as The Call of duty or Red Dead Redemption.

The Future Of Video Games

What is the history of video games? The history of video games is now the source of earning for millions of people.

It is not only the reason for entertainment for kids but the addiction for adults and older.

The video games start from eating dots as Pacman to the virtual reality of 3D games where the person can immerse himself into the gaming world.

There is now some studio made only for virtual reality games. The future of gaming is to improve its graphics and resolution day by day.

The gamer records and gambling is the business to earn nowadays. Either the records help you to make from YouTube as well.

You can make videos, and with one click, you will turn into a millionaire. Gaming is the vast field of investing in nowadays.

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