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Which Antivirus Is Better Quick Heal Or McAfee?

Are you struggling to choose the best antivirus? We know it’s not difficult to know which ones are trustworthy antiviruses. But the problem occurs when you need to choose one among them. If Quick Heal and McAfee are on your list, we can help you to select the best one between these two. So today we will tell you which antivirus is better Quick Heal or McAfee.

We know both of these antiviruses are top-class and premium. Declaring one better than the other one is really tough. As this article is all about helping you to choose, we have researched enough to make a decision. Behind the final decision, there are some strong points. We are going to explain them briefly to you.

Which antivirus is better Quick heal or McAfee?

In our opinion, McAfee is clearly ahead of Quick Heal. Yes, McAfee is the better one between them. We have some reasons to confirm that. As you have got the answers, you should check out the comparisons. So without wasting time, Let us justify our opinion.

Comparison between Quick Heal and McAfee

Our comparison is based on some important facts. These are just common stuff that we want from a perfect antivirus. For a fair comparison, you have to check out the features that ensure your online and offline protection, and subscription plans with pricing. Let’s start with features.

Security feature comparisons between Quick Heal and McAfee

Quick Heal features McAfee features

Flash drive protection: Protects your device from infected flash drives.

Safe mode protection: Protects your device in any mode. Like in sleep mode or in airplane mode, etc.

Enhance self-protection: It makes the defense system more responsive.

Custom settings: You can import and export custom settings.

Remote device management: You can monitor the protection of your device remotely with your account.

Ransomware Protection: The behavior-based detection technology makes the anti-ransomware feature powerful.

Web security: Automatically detects harmful websites and alerts you.

Email Security: Block infected emails and phishing websites.

Safe banking: Protects your transaction activities.

Browser sandbox: Ensures browser security.

Data protection: Blocks copying data to unauthorized USB drives.

Parental control: It lets you configure internet settings for children.

Firewall: All threads around the internet will be blocked

Malware protection: It blocks all harmful malware like spyware, adware, etc.

Anti-keylogger: Block keylogger programs that record what you are typing.

Scan-Engine: The improved scan engine helps to scan every little file quicker than ever.

Auto Backup: Keeps backup of your files automatically.

Other features: Privacy protection, virtual keyboard, vulnerability scan, advanced DNAScan, Webcam protection, File vault.

Supported platforms: Android, Windows, Mac.


Spam blocker: Automatically detect spams and block them quickly before impacting your system.

Real-time monitoring: It blocks malware before installing it on your device. The communication layer helps to collaborate with different technologies.


Expand security: helps to analyze stronger threads. You can expand it as you need.

Productivity increase: Offers zero-impact scans. That’s how you can scan your device without impacting system performance.

Reporting and analytics: When multiple defense systems work together and take action against threads, it will provide a clear report.

Multiple device support: You can use your subscription plan to protect your other devices.

Multiple OS: It works on different operating systems and supports cross-platform policies to Mac, Linux, and Windows.


Integration: It can be integrated with other operating systems.

Internet security: Provides complete internet security. Defend your system from various threads while surfing and streaming on the internet.


Fraud detection: It has an automatic fraud detection technology that works to recognize online and offline frauds. So no cheaters can trick you while McAfee is running.

Ransomware protection: Protects you from ransomware.


Other features: App boost, Secure encrypted storage, key password manager, banking and payment security, privacy protection, spyware protection.

Supported platform: Windows, Android, iOS, ChromeOS, Mac, Linux.

You can see features of both of the antiviruses are interesting. Although it’s difficult to make a decision seeing the features, our deep analysis report made our work easy. We found McAfee is more strict about protecting your device. On the other hand, Quick Heal is rich with more features.

The massive disadvantage is Quick Heal is only available for Android and Windows. It is missing on iOS and other operating systems like Linux. So we had to keep McAfee ahead. Before the final result, we have to move to the next level that is subscription plans with pricing.

Plans and pricing

Perfect subscription plans and fair cost can be a game-changer fact to define the better one between two close competitors. Quick Heal offers eight and McAfee has 5 different plans. Let’s take a look at the packages first.

Quick Heal subscription packages:

3 devices, 1 year

(total security)

1 user,

1 year

(total security)

1 user,

1 year

(internet security)

1 user,

1 year

(antivirus pro)

1 user,

1 year Mac

(total security)

1 user,

1 year Android

(total Security)

1 user,

1 year

(Server Antivirus)








McAfee subscription packages:

Unlimited devices, 1-year

10 devices, 1-year

5 devices, 1-year

1 device,


Antivirus plus,







Here you can see Quick Heal offers more packages than McAfee. But if you look closely, you can see there are some hidden marketing strategies in their plans. Where McAfee is supporting unlimited devices for one year at $69, Quick heal only provides 3 devices for one year at $75.

It’s a huge difference. We found the McAfee packages more user-friendly and relevant. Undoubtedly McAfee is more value for money compared to Quick Heal. So, we can say our final call goes to McAfee.

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Final words

After reading this article you can clearly see the similarity and differences between these two Antiviruses. Now it is pretty easy to say which antivirus is better Quick Heal or McAfee. As McAfee is slightly better, it is widely used in corporate sectors. If a large number of people trust and use a product, there must be some valid reasons.

If you are going to purchase an antivirus, McAfee is one of the best options. Either for home or for the business place, I recommend this over others. In case you look for a cheap or free antivirus app, you should stick with the Windows Defender. It is not that bad indeed.

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