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An iPhone With a USB C Port? Costs $86,001

Have you ever thought about an iPhone with a USB C port? Yes, it really exists. A robotic engineering student named Kenn Pillonel modified an iPhone X. He replaced the physical connector of the iPhone. Apple’s native lightning port is replaced with a USB C port.

Do you think it worked normally? Fortunately, it did. This USB C port could do both charging and transferring data. This unbelievable invention managed to work perfectly. The iPhone X was fully functional after the modification. So it is very rare alongside brilliant inventions.

Now let’s talk about the facts. As the C ported iPhone is only a single piece, it became a huge demand. So  Kenn Pillonel raised it for auction. But there were some conditions. The owner can not use the phone as his/her regular device. Another condition was the new owner should not dissect the phone or update the OS.

All these are just for making sure the unique phone lives for a long time. He didn’t want to take any risk of breaking the phone. The auction started from only $1. At the end of the first day, the bidding reached $3000. It was already three times higher than the market price. In the total amount of 116 bids, the highest bidding price was $100,000. But those were retracted before the auction ended.

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At last, the phone sold on eBay for $86,001. Could you imagine an iPhone X would be sold at that price? It is over 80 times higher than its actual price. The best part is he added this whole project to Github. It is now an open-source project. As the prototype is sold, Kenn said that he and his team are wishing to work on more projects like this.

In the future, they will work on USB C iPhone’s fast charging and waterproofing. You know when the iPhone was modified, that process breaks the waterproofing shield. Moreover, that USB C port misses fast charging. So if all these happen, An iPhone with a USB C port will get the ability to provide all other USB-related facilities.

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