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Warning! Malicious Google Play Store Apps You Must Remove Now

What is our most trusted source of downloading apps? If you are an Android user, then Undoubtedly it is Google’s native Play Store. But recently two malicious Google Play Store apps were detected. It has been revealed that these two apps contain malware. This dangerous malware is known as Joker.

Smart TV Remote and Hollowing Coloring are the apps that contain this malware. Google has removed both of them from the Play Store. The publisher also got banned. If you have any of these apps, you should uninstall them now. This is not the first time this Joker malware has been detected. This year it infected a half-million devices. Most of the targeted devices were Huawei.

The same malware was recently found in another app called Squid Games. As there are a lot of Squid Games named apps in the Play Store, it is very hard to detect which one is the black sheep. So from now on, you have to be very careful about new and unfamiliar apps.

What is Joker malware?

This malware can be more dangerous than you think. It automatically assigns you for the premium subscription without your concern. You know a premium subscription always costs money from your account. This way it takes your money without your permission. The Joker malware is more likely to affect Android users.

Cheaters encode the malware code in the friendly apps and publish them in the Play Store. They know that the infected app can be removed anytime. When Play Store permanently deletes the apps, it also bans the publishers. So they use fake information.

It also came to light that the Joker malware snatches the bank account information of the customers without being detected. So there is no need to mention how terrible the consequences would be.

Joker seems to be a new malware for you. It was first identified almost three years ago. But earlier this year 11 more apps were discovered which contained this malware. We are enlisting the name of the apps.

Apps that include Joker malware

➤ com.file.recovefiles

➤ com.cherry.massage. Cherry.sendsms

➤ Com.imagecompress.android

➤ Com.hmvoice.friendsms

➤ Com.person.lovinglovemassage

➤ Com.lplocker.lockapps

➤ Com.remindme.alarm

➤ Com.training.memorygame.

➤ Com.contact.withme.texts

➤ Com.relax.relaxation.androidsms

Don’t forget to check for any of these malicious Google Play Store apps in your storage. If you find one, delete it now. Although the Play Store is taking action instantly, Your awareness is more important.

David James
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