Apple Watch Life Saving Potential Highlights Advertising “911”

Apple Watch Life Saving Potential

Apple is now focusing on using technology to make people’s lives safer. If we take a look, then we can see that Apple has already launched several such projects. So, it seems that Apple is working on many more projects like life safer, which we will update gradually.

However, Focusing on life-saving, Apple today added a new feature to the Apple Watch. An ad titled 911 was shared about the Apple Watch Life Saving Potential feature. Stating this feature would work to save lives in an emergency.

Mainly, the ad revolved around three people, Jim, Amanda, and Jason. Because their car overturned and the car began to fill with water, then everyone was able to get help via the 911 dial using the Apple Watch. Most importantly, they were rescued within minutes.

The ad further states that there is a button on the side of the watch to use the emergency SOS feature, the user has to hold this button, then the emergency numbers will be displayed on the screen. Then the user will be able to communicate with the emergency numbers much faster from the screen.

Apple Watch Life Saving

However, before using this feature, you need to know a few things, such as if a user has an Apple Watch without a cellular connection, to get this service, he must have an iPhone. Otherwise, the watch must be connected to WiFi as well as set up WiFi calling.

Noted: Apple has also shared an ad on Twitter highlighting this feature.

However, the important thing is that when a user makes an SOS call, his Apple Watch automatically helps him. Because then Apple Watch Life Saving Potential feature is able to automatically call emergency numbers according to the user’s location.

But if you have an Apple Watch 5 Series or more updated device, you will get more benefits, because then you will get these benefits in case of emergency while traveling to other places or other countries.

However, Let’s take a look at how to make an emergency call from Apple Watch.

How to make an Emergency SOS call

Step 1: First, press and hold the emergency button

Step 2: Now, the Emergency SOS slider will open on the display and a call will be made from here.

Step 3: As soon as the call ends, the watch sends a message for urgent communication with the user’s current location, and if the user changes his location later, the watch can send a message to a new location again.




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