How To Generate QR Codes On Your iPhone While It’s Offline

Generate QR Codes On Your iPhone

QR code is a very simple and secure way to share URLs, contact numbers, and various types of data. This case can be easily shared on any platform. Nowadays people are using QR code methods for business as well as personal purposes.

Because people also use websites and exchange data for personal purposes. That’s why people are now giving much more priority to security in transferring these data. So in the case of these important data transfers, I think it is better for the third party to refrain from any medium.

However, you should always need a third-party app to generate QR codes On Your iPhone. The iPhone offers a way to detect QR codes without any third-party apps by default through the built-in camera app.

Actually, iOS does not offer any way to generate QR codes directly, nor is it secure to use third-party apps and websites. So I will share with you a way to create a tool so that you do not have to depend on third parties.

Let’s take a look at how you can generate QR codes On Your iPhone while you’re offline.

Step 1: Firstly enter the Shortcuts app

Step 2: Now you have to click on the plus icon in the top right corner

Step 3: Give your shortcut name here

Step 4: Then choose an icon.

Step 5:  Now click on the search button

Step 6: Here type ASK 

Step 7: Then select Ask For Input option

Step 8: Now again click on the search button

Step 9:Type QR

Step 10: Select Generate QR code

Step 11: Then again go to the search box

Step 12: Now type share and select the Share option

Step 13: Finally Save and done

Generate QR Codes

This way you can generate QR codes without an internet connection. However, I think this method is very safe and easy, any iPhone user will understand once they learn.



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