Two things everyone should know before downloading Windows 11


Windows 11 was released in October of this year, with a new smooth design and more notable new features. Some of the new features include easy toggling on multiple virtual desktops and support for Android applications.

Two of the new features are easy toggling on multiple virtual desktops and support for Android applications. In addition, Microsoft has now introduced several new features and changes to Windows 11, much like the MacBook.

However, today I will talk about two things need to know before downloading Windows 11. First, Windows 11 requires a good quality WiFi connection and a Windows 11 home account before downloading.

Make a Microsoft account

But now, Windows 10 users are getting additional benefits, meaning they can upgrade to Windows 11 for free. However, let’s get to know the details of these two issues.

You must have a Microsoft account to set up Windows 11. This account gives the user access to all Microsoft products and services. But don’t worry, this account is being offered free by Microsoft.

However, let’s see how to create a free Microsoft account.

Step 1: Firstly, go to

Step 2: Click on the Sign-in button

Step 3: Now click on Create One option to make an account

Strep 4: Log in to your Gmail

Step 5: Make a strong password

Step 6: Click on next

Step 7: Here, enter country/ region and others

Step 8: Now check your email and confirm with a verification code

Step 9: Lastly, click on Next.

Connect To Wifi

You need Stong Internet before downloading Windows 11 Home. The reason is that Windows 11 was initially distributed as a Windows update. So it takes a good speed net to install Windows 11 ideally. Moreover, you will need the internet to get all future updates.

Those who always have a problem with being connected to the Internet will be able to use it without an Internet connection after the installation; in this case, there will be no problem.

However, if you want to install Windows 11 or set up on a new device, make sure you have an internet connection first.



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