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Balmuda Phone: The Most Unique Smartphone In 2022

Nowadays rectangular-shaped smartphones are dominating the market. People usually think the rectangular shape is the standard shape of a smartphone. But there was an era when people loved the unique outlook of a smartphone. Although that time is lost now, we are here with the most unique smartphone that can change your view.

Making a different-looking smartphone is challenging. Every manufacturer tries to build a smartphone that looks great. They always prefer the standard shape for avoiding risks. Because doing something different is risky. But still, there are some manufacturers who try to build something new by going out of the trends.

Which is the most unique smartphone released in 2021?

Let’s make the long story short. We are talking about the Balmuda Phone. It is such a unique phone from a Japanese toaster oven maker Balmuda. It is important to add that they are not normal toaster makers. They build luxury toaster ovens that can cost $300 per piece.

So the phone is no different. It is a well-built premium phone. The basic idea of the Balmuda Phone is to make a compact shaped and sized phone that can fit in a human’s hand easily. This idea is not new at all. Many giant smartphone brands tried it previously.

But they failed to make a massive stir. It proved that people actually talk a lot about their interest in compact-sized phones over the internet. At the time of purchase, they always choose bigger phones for a bigger display, battery, and other facilities. Let’s see what the Balmuda Phone is made of.

Balmuda Phone specs:

You should not underestimate the performance of the Balmuda Phone for its compact size. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 is boosting up the performance. It is an upper mid-segment processor. For a compact size smartphone and smaller screen, we think it is enough.

A smaller display consumes less battery. There is a 4.9-inch display on the phone. It is a round-shaped display. Balmuda didn’t compromise the display resolution which is 1920×1080. It is an FHD+ display. So your view will be clearer.

It seems they didn’t give much effort to decrease the bezel. Yes, the bezel and chin are slightly larger than modern smartphones. Believe it or not the punch hole camera on the display looks cute. It is an 8MP camera. In the rear, you will find a single 48MP camera.

Another noticeable thing is the speaker. It is placed in the back alongside the rear camera. The most shocking spec of the Balmuda Phone is its battery. As there was such a small space to put everything fair, they installed a 2500mAh battery on it.

We actually do not know how it will perform to keep the phone alive for a decent time. There must be some kind of advanced optimization. Because the chipset and the display setup are less power-consuming. With a little software optimization, the battery can perform better.

There is only one variant of this phone. That is 6GB RAM with 128GB ROM. You will get a custom Android 11 out of the box. That means Balmuda has worked on some regular apps and gestures. Probably the camera, calendar, notes, clock interface would vary from the stock Android.

Should you buy the Balmuda Phone?

If you love small but powerful phones, The Balmuda Phone is a great option. In another case, if you want to use a luxury phone which is rare and uncommon, you can go for this phone. The overall phone weighs only 138 grams. The curvature is so noticeable that it will attract people’s eyes.

The phone should feel very comfortable in hand or pocket for this curve. These days we have become used to going with the flow. Testing different things can bring great experiences. We have seen people talking about small phones but getting the big ones. That’s why the iPhone Max variants always sell way better than the Mini variants.

In the past, Motorola and LG released a few curved phones. For some reason, those phones could not make their places on people’s favorite list. But this solid Japanese-built Phone can make an exception.

Although it is the most unique smartphone in 2021, the outer look can trick you. It should be better from the inside. There must be some strong reasons for keeping the price $916 for a plastic body smartphone. The Balmuda phone will be available in Japanese and US markets only.

Tom Bedfard
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