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Google Could Fix iMessage chats for iPhone and Android users

Those who are texting Android users from iPhones must have noticed that Whose conversations can be quickly overridden by “Jason Hesse et al” or “Roman Liked” messages. As soon as an Android user joins a conversation group, Apple’s iMessage response expressions become text messages. As a result, no one misses what happened.

However, it is rumored that Google could fix iMessage chats issue in the next update of Google Messages. According to 9to5Google, the APK is in the process of being beta version 10.7, with changes such as highlighting, liking, laughing, and “showing ios_reaction_classification” and “iPhone response emoji” changes.

It is not yet clear what the new responses will be or how they will work. But, it seems that Google is working to change the response to the message type.

It may be that the responses will depend on the understanding of Google messages and as a result the user will be explained through various emoji tags.

That is why the user will understand a lot without reading the complete message. In the case of iPhone users, the responses are displayed at the bottom of the message, so it may be the same for Android.

However, it is true that we do not know much about these features. So if we want to know all about it, we have to wait until Google informs us, or after the release of the feature.

So Google is trying to resolve the issue so that the message feature is seen by iPhone users as well as by Android. So we have no choice but to wait to understand all the functionality of this feature.

The important thing is that Google is hunting for the first time that Android users send a lot of messages to iPhone users. Since Google has taken note of this issue, users are expected to receive an update to fix iMessage chats feature shortly and come up with something better.

Md Raseduzzaman Porag
Technology writer at Techalrm, covering the latest in tech news and trends. As a Software Quality Assurance (SQA) specialist, I keep pace with the latest industry developments. I hold a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, which equips me to tackle the intersection of tech journalism and software quality.

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