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Best Android Texting Apps

With more than 6 billion texts being exchanged every day, texting is one of the most convenient ways to communicate with other people. Unlike phone calls or video calls, it doesn’t require you to stop whatever activity you are currently engaged in. Although many prefer phone calls over texting, most people still use texts as their primary communication method. 

Over the last couple of years, several new texting apps have come into existence. Yet, the best texting apps have dominated the industry, even if they are not the latest.

Let’s look at some of the most popular and Best Android Texting Apps. Based on the review, you can choose one that best suits your needs. Here we go!

Best Android Texting Apps

Best Android Texting Apps

10. Android Messages

Link: Google Play

The good thing is that you might already have a texting app installed on your phone by default. The android message is a texting app provided and maintained by Google. It comes with a clean look and user-friendly interface. It is easy to use, RCS compliant. The dark mode reduces the pressure on your eyes. Many features are still to come. Google has announced to rebrand and pump the app with new features. 

9. Facebook Messenger

Link: Google Play

Although Facebook Messenger is not the most efficient app out there yet, the popularity speaks for itself. You can use the SMS support to use this as your default texting app. It will store all the SMS and your Facebook messages altogether. It has SMS built-in and integration with internet messaging. All of the necessary functionalities in just one app. There is also a mode called ‘Vanish Mode.’ You can have a secret conversation in this mode. And each message will delete itself when the timer runs out. You can adjust the timer.

You may not find it most convenient if you’re not a Facebook user. But if you’re a Facebook user, you don’t need to be told about this app.

8. Telegram

Link: Google Play

Telegram is a recent texting app. It features cross-platform VoIP, messaging, and video calling services. It is the fastest messaging platform on the market. The developers mostly emphasize customer privacy and secure communication. It encrypts messages using 256-bit symmetric AES, 2048-bit RSA. It also uses Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange. The default storage for Telegram is cloud-based. So, you can access all your texts from any platform with your user credentials. You can start typing on your phone and finish typing on your PC. All the messages are synced across all devices. And the text history doesn’t consume any space on your phone. You can send photos without compromising the quality of the image. You can send files as long as it is within 2 gigabytes in size. 

7. Chomp SMS

Link: Google Play

Chomp SMS has been in the game since the beginning of Android. It is one of the very first third-party texting apps. It follows Material Design while providing plenty of features. It supports emojis, MMS, SMS blocking. You can even send a quick reply when you see notifications of this app. You can even use the group chat feature to talk amongst multiple people on a single thread. Using this app, you can also stop a message mid-send if you want. Other features include quick reply on a pop-up, Wear OS support, blocking, and theme picking. The features are mostly free, but it has an optional in-app purchase.

6. Pulse SMS

Link: Google Play

Pulse SMS is one of the most peculiar apps on this list. It is also the highest-rated messaging app on the Play Store. It has the standard features of a texting app. Also, it is available across all platforms. You can also use it to blacklist phone numbers. Also, it supports dual-sim phones, backing-up messages, etc. Additionally, you can give custom themes to individual conversations. 

5. Handcent Next SMS

Link: Google Play

Handcent is just as old as Chomp SMS. It is a heavy texting app that also has cross-platform features. You can use the Handcent Anywhere feature to text from your computer or tablet. It also includes heavy customization options. You can select the theme of your own choice from the theme store. Also, it features a privacy box that you can use to store private conversations. It even offers free cloud backups for your conversations. It may have faced many bugs along the way, yet it is pretty stable. 

4. Mood Messenger

Link: Google Play

Mood Messenger is one of the youngest texting apps on this list. It may not have many features, but that is one of the beautiful things about it. It gives you all the core features that you expect from texting apps—for example, texting, theme changing, MMS, emojis, and other basic stuff. You can blacklist all the spam messages too. It also has backup and restores, more themes, SMS encryption, and a private locker that keeps people out. The overall experience is positive.

3. Textra SMS

Link: Google Play

Textra SMS is one of the most stable texting apps on this list. It is a popular and stylish SMS app. This app is rich in customization. It is equipped with a theme selector, floating notifications, dark mode, slide to delete, floating messages, and many more features. Although, you can unlock the pro version for access to more features. But most of the features are free.


Link: Google Play

QKSMS has been in the game for quite a long time. It’s one of the most attractive looking apps on this list. QKSMS mostly emphasizes speed, as the name implies. It is swift and lightweight. It is an open-sourced app and very secure. QKSMS doesn’t let you bog down when transitioning between conversations. It has a very smooth experience.

1. Yaata SMS

Link: Google Play

Yaata SMS is new to the messaging world. It is based on a Material Design and very easy to use. It an app that is reliable, powerful, and fast. Some of the features need an in-app purchase, but most of them are free. It provides many features, including conversation backups, scheduled messaging, blacklisting, and auto-response. Even with all these features, the app is surprisingly lightweight. It uses only 3.9MB of memory.


That concludes our list of the Best Android Texting Apps. You might feel overwhelmed by all these choices. You might be confused about which one to choose.

Just chill out and choose one that seems most suitable for you. Keep using it for some time and see whether you like it or not. You always have the option to go back and shift to another texting app if you don’t like it. That is the beauty of Android. Happy texting!

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