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Now You Can Take More Time To Ask Alexa A Question

On March 19, 2013, Amazon released a product called Alexa. An amazing product from Amazon, which will act as your virtual assistant and will be able to have voice interactions with you.

This means that Alexa can play music for you, make to-do lists for you, set alarms for you, stream podcasts, play audiobooks for you, and also provide weather, traffic, sports news, etc. for you through your voice command.

Alexa smart speakers have gradually improved a lot and gained much more popularity among the public. Amazon pays special attention to customer satisfaction. So they have included new features in Alexa.

Do you have any idea about this new feature? No worries because this article is about that new feature of Alexa. The rest of the discussion of this feature is in detail below:

Which feature has been added to Alexa?

You can do voice interaction by turning on Alexa’s listening mode. After turning on Alexa’s listening mode, the maximum users say Alexa wake up or just say Alexa and then give another command. Alexa’s voice interaction feature is a bit sensitive.

After calling Alexa or Alexa wakes up, the Alexa smart speaker takes voice input for a while. During this time Alexa filters the results according to the voice input it receives. Most people can command Alexa during this time.

But now the question is, how will Alexa work for those who talk a little quieter and take a little longer to talk? Because Alexa’s voice input time is limited. In this case, the matter becomes partial.

The person who takes time to speak, Alexa, can not give the correct output to him. Because the Alexa voice input time will end before their command ends and it will give the output based on that voice input.

So a new feature has been added to Alexa as a solution to this problem. The advantage of the feature is that you can now choose more time to finish your speech or question before Alexa responds to you.

The feature can be effective if you want a little extra time before Alexa responds to your words. But it’s a useful accessibility feature, especially for people with speech difficulties who may need more time to say something. If you want to turn it on, you can turn it on in the Alexa app.

This feature was initially only available to iOS users. This feature was released in the USA to check public feedback. Then this feature has also been brought to Android for public demand.

After that, both Apple and Google offer similar functionality for their digital assistants.

Final Words

As I said before, Amazon keeps a close eye on customer satisfaction, this new feature is an example of that. That is why this company has been able to win the trust of a very large population all over the world.

This feature is not only helpful for slow speakers but also you can use this new feature to ask Alexa for as long as you want. There is no hurry. Take your time, think and decide what you want to ask or what task you want to give to Alexa. Hopefully, this feature will be very helpful for you.

Bill Thamas
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