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Massive Update Of Google Lens – New Features For All

Google is always working on different projects, how to make people’s life easy. They have already introduced a bunch of features like Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google News, Google Meet, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Chat, Google Duo, etc.

Nowadays you can’t think of a day without the help of these Google products. Google search engine has ruled the internet world from the beginning when this search engine was invented. Google search engine brings to us more efficient search results.

But today the world is moving towards AI (Artificial Intelligence). So Google came up with Google Lens, a pure example of google AI. The main purpose of Google Lens is to explore everything and inform about the unknown around you.

Google Lens first came as an individual application but now it is going to be added to the Google Chrome browser. Below is a detailed discussion of what features of Google Lens are going to be added to the Chrome browser and what are the advantages and disadvantages of it.

What is Google Lens used for?

Google Lens came up with Translate, Text, Search, Homework, Shopping features. Each feature has a different task. Let’s take a look at how to use these features for better and quick search results.


Suppose you are in China or Korea or any other country and you have a ticket or newspaper or anything else of that country. Whose language you do not know. Well in this case, with the help of Google Lens you can scan that text and translate it in real-time in your language.


With the help of this feature, you can copy printed or handwritten text and can paste it somewhere else.


With the help of this search option, you can easily identify plants or animals by simply scanning that object.


Well, this feature helps you a lot to do your homework. If you ever get stuck on a math equation then simply scan that equation, it will show you some relevant solution from the web to solve that math equation.


This feature is really helpful for shopping. If you like a shirt or a pair of pants or something else of your friend and now you also want that same design shirt or pants then you are just one step away from that product. Just scan that cloth with Google Lens, it will immediately show you all relevant products with that particular design.

Google Lens on Google Chrome for Desktop/ Laptop:

Previously there was no scope to use Google Lens on desktop. It is not fair that you can use such a powerful app on your smartphone but can’t use it on your desktop/ laptop. That’s why Google is working on it, so you can use this amazing feature on your desktop/laptop’s Chrome browser.

Google Lens in your Chrome browser will allow you to select any webpage text, image, video. Well, you can use this advanced search option, and get the results on the same tab. All you have to do is click on the mouse’s right button and select the Lens search option.

Google Lens for Mobile:

Google Lens is going to be more powerful for mobile this time. Previously you do all tasks by scanning, but now there will be a new feature where you can ask something to Google Lens. Allow me to disclose to you how it will work.

previously, with the help of the Shopping feature, you look for the product that you liked. But if it happens that you have liked the design pattern but not the product. In this case, Google Lens has added a special feature for you.

If you want, you can scan any product and ask Google Lens to find other products with that design pattern. Hopefully, this powerful search method of Google Lens will make it easier to find the product of your choice.

Final Words

Basically, this advanced search method of Google Lens is now able to give you the result of your expected product by combining the image and your text at the same time. According to Google, this feature is going to be added to the Google Chrome browser in the next few months. And the lens application update will also be announced in Google’s next official statement.

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