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Complaint About The New iPad Air- Thinner Is Not Always Better

Apple just launched the new iPad Air 5 in their March event. Every part of this new device was pretty convincing. But recently some customers came with a complaint about the new iPad Air. This complaint is mainly about the aluminum back panel. The user claims that the thin back aluminum panel is causing audible creaks every time they hold it.

As the reason, they said the aluminum back panel is so thin that it is making this weird sound. Some customers said they could even feel the battery inside the aluminum caching. You know Apple is in a race of making techs thinner. They try to put the best techs inside the thinnest area. That trend worked well for a long time.

But the 5th generation iPad Air is highlighting the cons of thin design. The Previous model of iPad was thin as well. But there were no issues with its thinness. However, the back Aluminum panel of the iPad Air 5 seems thinner than the previous iPad Air 4. For the most part, the iPad Air 5 looks similar to the iPad Air 4.

The main up-gradation of this device is in the inner section. It carries Apple’s famous M1 chip. Another noticeable change would be in the Facetime camera. Although not all customers report the same problem, there are many others who started posting about the same issue. 

So it is unclear actually how many units got this problem. Till now Apple has not commented anything about this issue. You will find a few videos demonstrating this creaking sound. We know the built quality of Apple products always remains top-notch. 

So if there is a complaint about the new iPad Air, we can’t say it is for poor build quality. Because not everyone has the same complaint. We are waiting for Apple’s response regarding this problem. As it is just a creaking sound, we can avoid it until then. Well, this type of sound makes a premium device feel like a tin can though.

Tom Bedfard
Tom Bedfard has been showing her expertise in the smartphone area for a decade. In one sentence, she loves smartphones and other smart gadgets. However, Tom is the leader of Techalrm’s review team. Not a single new device can escape her eyes. Well, our every review unit phone or gadget goes to her hands first. Our audiences love her works. Her honest and detailed review contents make her one of the best smartphone reviewers.

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