Honor Magic V, Honor’s First Foldable Flagship

honor's foldable phone teaser

Honor’s first folding phone Honor Magic V is about to be released. Honor is a successful sub-brand of Huawei. Huawei launched a lot of budget-friendly phones in Honor’s branding. Since their argument with Google, The inner structure of Huawei has changed dramatically.

In the past few years, the sub-branding system became very successful. But it has been one year since Honor separated itself from the parent company. Hopefully, the success will continue with this upcoming flagship. Honor just posted an image as a teaser on its Weibo page and Twitter account.

That specific image doesn’t contain any detailed information. It shows just a v-shaped phone’s side-view. Honor’s interest in foldable phones is not something new. In 2019 Honor’s CEO George Zhao expressed his interest in launching foldable phones.

But the problem was Honor always brings high specs on a low budget. So a foldable phone’s cost can break the brand’s regular cycle of pricing. Moreover, a foldable phone couldn’t be affordable in 2019.

We still can not say they are affordable in 2022. However, the price can be relatively low. From Honor, we can expect a budget-friendly foldable phone. These days we have two types of foldable phones. Some are regular tab-like displays folded inward. And others are Samsung Galaxy Z Flip types.

A regular shaped display is folded to make it more compact. As the Honor Magic V got an 8.03-inch display, it should be a regular tab-shaped folded phone like Galaxy Fold. Although Honor is an independent company now, it would not be surprising if we find any similarities with Huawei’s Mate X series.

Nowadays foldable phones have become a craze. There are lots of similar phones in the market. Honor has not confirmed the release date yet. The teaser didn’t reveal the phone’s specs as well.

So we don’t want to add self-made leaks about Honor Magic V. But will let you know as soon as we get something exclusive from Honor.



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