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How Do You Check A Website Is Secure On Your Smartphone?

Actually, smartphones were not very popular in the field of web browsing. But nowadays smartphones are not only limited to applications but also used for all kinds of web browsing. So it is important to check if a website is secure on your smartphone.

Because cybercriminals now design their planes by keeping an eye on smartphones. Hackers, in particular, focus on the vulnerabilities users have when creating malicious websites. So every smartphone user needs to know which websites are secure.

Today, basically, we will discuss how a user can understand which website is safe to visit. Yeah, in this case, I will show you some tips and procedures to ensure the validity of the websites.

What Happens to Unsafe Websites?

Smartphone users know that phone companies have already made arrangements to stay safe on the internet.  That’s true, but other things need to be kept in mind. Because notice that hackers are constantly carrying out their mission in different ways.

It could be that you see a tempting offer in your timeline right now while you’re running Facebook and you’re being asked to click there. This is just one example, but there are many tempting ways. So, you need to check if this website is secure on your smartphone.

If a user clicks on this link once, many kinds of damage can be done. In this case, there can be a big financial loss. However, the types of damages that users may face through these malicious websites are listed below.

➤ Users can fall into any kind of scam.
➤ Important account username and password may be stolen.
➤ Many Viruses can enter the phone.
➤ Money can be stolen from a bank account.
➤ All personal photos, videos, documents can be stolen.

How Do You Check a Website Is Secure On Your Smartphone?

You can understand most malicious websites if you know the methods.  Here I will explain some ways. By following these, any user will be able to understand whether any website is safe for smartphones.


Harmful websites look a lot like professional websites. So it’s not possible to understand the validity of the website at a glance. However, these websites have some imperfections, they can be understood by noticing.

For example, generic pictures, spelling mistakes, and other types of problems, which are difficult to understand easily on the phone.

But if you spend a little time scrolling around the site, things will catch your eye. So when you visit an unknown site, spend some time and notice the issues.

HTTPS Protocol

HTTPS is an Internet protocol, which encrypts data when sending data from one computer to another. So if there is a website that is not equipped with HTTPS, then all the data provided by the user will be stolen.

No worries, there is an easy way to know if a website is equipped with HTTPS. That is, when you visit a website with a good quality browser, you will see a closed padlock in the browser’s URL bar. However, if you see the lock open, you can assume that it is not equipped with HTTPS.

However, the presence of HTTPS on a website does not mean that you have secure access to a secure website. But if the feature is missing, something can be guessed.

Beware Pop-Ups

One of the most widely used tactics by cybercriminals is to use pop-ups. Because they try to seduce the users by displaying various advertisements. Not all pop-ups are harmful. But, if the website is suspicious, it is better to avoid the pop-ups and visit other websites.

Permission Requests

Those Websites that we normally visit or use, ask the user’s permission at every step.  But malicious websites redirect to many sites without user permission.

So if there is a website that is directing you to another website and wants access to your various information, then avoid these.

URL Check

The URL can play an important role in verifying the legitimacy of any website. Because in some cases just looking at the URL shows that the website is corrupt.

Hackers always try to use real names, so these are not easily understood by the users. But if you look closely, you can see that there are some changes in the main domain.

However, they also use  unprofessional domains because they know that these sites can be shut down at any time.

Search Engine

The legitimacy of a website can be checked through search engines. The reason is that all legitimate websites are indexed in search engines. So if you can’t find a website by searching on Google and other search engines, then skip these.

These search engines work well in detecting scams, so if an indexing website starts scamming, the search engine will ban it.

So it is better to refrain from any transactional work other than the highly reputed website.

Mobile Version Check

Almost everyone now does all the work with mobile. That is why all websites need to be mobile-friendly.

If the version of the website is not mobile-friendly then search engine does not give much traffic.

This can also be a good way to verify the legitimacy of a website. All professional websites have mobile versions.

But hackers can’t maintain a website for long, which is why they often skip the mobile version.

Use VirusTotal

VirusTotal is a widely used and popular website. On this website, you can check the URL of any website. This will let you know if the website has been identified as malicious in the past.

VirusTotal also works well in detecting malware. But nothing works about the presence of scams or phishing.

Final Words

Nowadays, there is a huge revolution in internet marketing. The main reason for this is that the targeted customer can be selected on the Internet.

That’s why companies often offer a variety of offers to increase their traffic or increase their profile. Many of these offers are sometimes 70%, 75%, or more.

Cybercriminals make such lucrative free offers in front of users. Then the user is in danger of not understanding these.

Currently these things are increasing in a very bad way, because people are now visiting all the internet by phone. When you visit by phone, it becomes difficult to understand the corrupt issues. For that reason, you need to know if a website is secure on your smartphone.

But if you want to visit the internet without worrying, you can use a good quality antivirus. So, you can choose the best one for you from the top 15 antivirus on the market.

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