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How To Find Out IR Blaster In Your Phone?

Can’t find out IR blaster on your phone?  No worries, stay with us. The biggest impact of the technology revolution has been on mobile. The mobile phone has become a smartphone.

Many of the complexities of our daily lives have now become so simple that people have forgotten that these tasks were once very complex.

The remote is a familiar thing to all of us, and we use it every day. We use a separate remote for each item. But how would you feel if you could control all devices with one remote? Then, of course, you would have a lot of benefits.

Now it can be done with a smartphone if your phone has the necessary sensor. But not all smartphones have this feature. It works through a sensor called the blaster.

Do you know if your phone has an IR blaster sensor or how to use it? If you don’t know that? Just stay with me, I will explain everything below.

What Is An IR Blaster?

An infrared blaster is a device that works like a remote. The devices we used manually by pressing buttons or using keys can be used automatically with this device. IR blaster is a sensor device, it works through signals.

The big advantage of IR blaster is that you don’t just be limited to Bluetooth or wireless, you can also use older devices to get the most out of this signal. If you have an IR blaster on your phone, you can take advantage of many.

How To Find Out IR Blaster In Your Phone?

To understand that your phone has an IR blaster,  you need to follow some tips to find out IR Blaster.

Locate The Infrared / IR LED

First, you need to check if your phone has an IR blaster device. This is a small-sized LED view on top of the phone like the TV is on top of the remote. It looks like a transparent LED but it doesn’t glow.

If you see something like that on your phone then you can understand that your phone is capable of an IR blaster.

See Phone Manual

If you have an IR blaster or infrared mention somewhere in your phone’s manual, you can take advantage of this on your phone. If it’s not mentioned anywhere then the IR blaster or infrared port is not on your phone.

Manufacturers Website

Each company describes the features of each model on their official website, read there and see if there are any references to IR blaster or infrared port. If you have an IR Blaster on your phone, it must be mentioned.

You can also go to other websites where the specifications of the phone are described.

Check Inbuilt IR Blaster Apps

If you have an IR Blaster on your phone then the company must provide an official app on your phone. This app will have the option to control AC, Speaker, DVD player, TV, and so on.

If you still can’t be sure about your phone, check out the list of phones that have IR Blaster. There you will find a  list of your company’s phones where a phone doesn’t have IR Blaster, you can see the list separately.

If your phone has an IR Blaster. It will have an app by default, which allows you to control TV, DVD, AC, and so on. 

Moreover, if you want more benefits then there are some apps that you can use. Below are the names of some of these apps:

➤ IR Test
➤ Twinone TV Remote
➤ Animote
➤ IR Universal Tv Remote

By using these apps you can take full advantage of IR Blaster. These apps have different features so that you can know which app is perfect for you. So for your convenience, I have described them below, read carefully and choose the app of your choice.

♦ IR Test

This is a specially designed app that allows you to verify the compatibility of devices that can be used with IR. It’s a very important app because it detects the possibility of the phone for establishing wireless communication through light rays and works to detect compatibility when it can be used for remote control.

♦ Twinone TV Remote

You will get many benefits from using this app. Twinone’s interface is very user-friendly so it’s easy for anyone to use. It’s a completely free application.

Just open the app, select the device you want to control, and use it without worry.

Now, if the remote is lost or if you go somewhere far away, there is no problem, if there is a device, you can control it with your smartphone.

♦ AniMote Universal Remote

AniMote universal remote may be a very necessary app for you. Because it allows you to remotely control your home TV, AC, and other electronics that support remote control with your phone. This will reduce many of your additional problems.

♦ R Universal Tv Remote

IR Universal TV remote is one of the best apps for TV and home electronics. This app is a great choice for you because these apps work very well. It’s also a free app and its user interface is very simple. This app has many more features than the default app of the phone.


Smartphones have made our daily work much easier. Smartphones are now in everyone’s hands so everyone can take advantage of it. But its benefits are endless, always going through updates. So the more you know about it, the more you will benefit.

We have described above how to use mobile as a remote, I hope you will benefit from the description. Because there are many electronic devices in the house, each with a separate remote, which is a big problem.

If you have a smartphone, you can control all the remote-supported electronics in your home. So read the descriptions above and find out IR Blaster on your phone.  If you have an IR Blaster on your phone, you will benefit a lot from using it.

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