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How To Make A Mobile Game – Guidelines Of Game Development

We are all familiar with mobile games and everyone has played sometimes. Mobile games are a great medium for timepass. These games range from free to very expensive. Do you want to know how to make a mobile game? No worries.

There are currently huge benefits to the careers of those who develop the game. We all know that there are many game developing companies in the world and new companies are constantly emerging. So if you are a game developer then this may be the best choice for your career.

If you want to be a game developer then stay tuned to this article. In this article, I will explain all the issues on how to develop a mobile game. So to know and understand about it, it’s important to read to the end to elaborately know how to make a mobile game.

Here are some questions and answers that come to mind for those who want to learn new game development.

What Is a Mobile Game?

Mobile games are a type of video game that’s usually played on smartphones. It also refers to many more games, which are played on a portable device, maybe network connected or unconnected.

These can be played for free but now you have to spend to play many games. Because now the game uses a lot of high graphics which gives the games a very realistic feel.

Many skilled people have to spend a lot of time making these high graphics games.

How To Make A Mobile Game?

In this section, all aspects of how to make a game will be explained, so if you want to learn how to develop mobile games, then read everything below carefully.

Step-1: Perfect Planning

The most important aspect of Make A Mobile Game is planning. The first thing you need to think about is what you want, what your target audiences and what category. Then you need to sort out what things are needed for that.

You need to decide which platform you will develop for. After setting up the platform, you need to decide which programming language to use.

Will you make the game alone or is there someone else to help you? If you have a team, share the work. Coding, art design, music sound dave, and game design are all common to the game, so if you can team up with these topics, you can do it much faster.

Step-2: Software

There are many software’s for developing video games. If you want to make a game, you have to learn the work by choosing the right software. Because it’s not possible to learn the work of so much software.

Below are the names and brief descriptions of the best three software. You can choose one of this three software.


Unity is a widely used software for game development. It’s possible to develop games with high graphics. It can be used for free.


UDk means Unreal Development Kit. It’s used a lot all over the world for games. development. If you know how to use its tools, you can develop good quality games.


GameSalad is software that can be used to develop games without any coding skill. But after knowing all the tools very well, I have to develop a hard game. The interesting thing about this software is that after developing any game, it can be converted separately for android and IOS.

Step-3: Programming Language

The most important aspect of game development is the programming language. In addition to choosing a good programming language. There are many good programming languages for game development, one of which must be chosen and learned. Below I have named some of the programming languages from which you can choose.


Step-4: Environment

The environment needs to be set up after choosing the software and programming language. Then you can start your project. The environments are computer, mobile device, app development account, photoshop, illustrator, and so on.

Step-5: Implement Graphics

Your game will need 2D or 3D graphics, so if you can do it with photoshop and illustrator then it’s great, or hire someone who can do graphics work.

Step-6: Test

You need to test after developing the game. Check out the game with a few people how the game is, whether the controls are right, whether users will like it. Then you can fix the problems. After testing and fixing problems, your game is ready for release,  this will increase your chances of getting a good game rating.

Step-7: Release game

Mobile games are released on the Google Play store and IOS play store, at the time of release all things have to be taken care of and released in a perfect way. Otherwise, there will be problems with monetization.

What Makes A Good Mobile Game?

There are a lot of games in the Play Store now and a lot of games are released every day. But not all games in the play store get good ratings because users are not liking them. Users will like a game only when it has good features.

Users will like a game if it has some common good features. The simple user interface, good controls, attractive graphics, keeping some fun things at every level, more features that will increase the user’s interest in the game will help to increase the game rating.

What kind of mobile game can you develop?

When you go to the play store, you will see that there are many types of video games, such as action, adventure, role-playing, racing, and so on. You can make the kind of game that you are interested in and upload it to the Play Store.

How Much Money Can a Mobile Game Make?

Nowadays, people’s interest in games has increased, that’s why many gaming industries have developed. So game developers have now turned into a good career in this genre.

It’s not possible to say exactly what kind of money a game is earning or doing. There are a lot of games that have earned the amount of money that you will be scared to say.

So based on how much income a game earns, I would say that if you learn or can develop games, then a very good career is waiting for you.


At one time everyone played mobile games as a way to spend time but now games are also played professionally. There are also many gaming contests around the world where selected players from different countries come to play.

So developers are making a lot of money by developing games. So if you want to learn how to make a mobile game, you can safely learn because it can be a good career for you.

The above is a complete guideline for learning game development. If you have read these well and followed them then hopefully you can be a good game developer.

Md Raseduzzaman Porag
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