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How to reset an iPhone Without the Apple ID Password When Find My iPhone Is On?

Do you want to reset your iPhone without the Apple ID password? If the answer is yes, then we have the proper solution for you. Whether your Find My iPhone is on or off, our method will work perfectly. Learning this fix can be very effective.

In some common cases, you can get an iPhone from your friends or relatives who just forgot their Apple ID or password. We have also seen some people purchase a surprisingly low-cost second-hand iPhone and have no idea about the password. Yes, it often happens.

If you are in the same problem, you do not need to freak out because we are here to cover you up. Today we will show you the process of resetting an iPhone without an Apple ID Password when your Find My iPhone is active.

Best ways to erase or reset an iPhone without an Apple ID password:

Before starting, we have researched enough to find out your cases. As a result, we got two main cases when you need to reset your iPhone without the Apple ID password. The first one is you just forgot the password. Let’s say you have a perfectly running iPhone.

You want to reset it but the Apple ID password is wiped from your head. Overthinking can harm your brain cells. So you do not need to waste time by remembering it when you can solve it within a few minutes.

How to reset your iPhone after forgetting the Apple ID password?

If you have the phone unlocking passcode, you can follow the given instructions for quick resetting. As your phone is fully functional and you can use it normally, you do not need a PC to reset the phone.

  • Open Settings and click on your Apple ID. it will ask for the Apple ID password.
  • Search for Find My iPhone and switch it off.
  • Select forget password and input your phone number that matches the shown last two-digit. Then click on next.
  • Now tap on cannot access your iPhone and select send code.
  • A code will verify your number by SMS.
  • After verifying, enter your Phone’s unlocking passcode.
  • Set a new Apple ID password and click next. Your password is changed
  • Now open settings>general.
  • Scroll down and click on
  • Now select your preferred reset option. You can erase all content and settings or you can reset just settings.
  • Tap on erase all content and settings for factory reset, select erase now.
  • At this stage, you will see a page that will ask for the iPhone’s passcode. Enter the passcode, select erase iPhone then tap on erase now.

Your resetting process has started. All you have to do is keep waiting until it finishes. Once the process completes, set the phone up as you want. If this one works for you, there is no need to try the other options.

In case you are stuck on the lock screen and can not get access inside the Phone, get ready with a PC. Do not worry if you do not have an Apple ID. An active Find My iPhone option makes it more difficult to reset. But we are going to show you the most advanced method for bypassing the Activation Lock.

How can you reset and bypass the Activation Code without the Apple ID password?

Besides PC, you need a power cable connector and the essential iTunes app installed on your PC. For an alternative, you can use the 4uKey app. But you must need the 4meKey app which will help to bypass the Activation Lock. Now let’s just get into the procedure.

First, You need to restore the device to factory settings with iTunes. To do this, plug it into your PC and put it into recovery mode. For iPhone 10 or later, click and quickly release the volume up button. Then tap and release the volume down button. After that press and hold the side power button until the connect to PC icon shows up.

Now you can proceed with the restore option in iTunes. The further instructions are listed below.

  • Select restore and update.
  • Download the firmware. After that iTunes will start restoring.
  • As soon as it finishes, you will discover the familiar hello screen in your iPhone. Now it’s time to set it up.
  • Here you will see an Activation Lock As you do not have the Apple ID and password, you have to attach the iPhone to the computer and launch the 4MeKey app.
  • Select remove iCloud Activation Lock.
  • Hit start and agree to the terms and conditions. Right after that 4MeKey will start downloading the jailbreak.
  • Once done, insert an empty USB drive into the computer.
  • Click start to create a bootable drive. Click on yes to continue.
  • After it finishes, you will get a step-by-step guide on jailbreaking on Windows PC. If you want, you can scan the QR code from here to view it on your other mobile phone.
  • Now restart the computer. When it boots up, press the boot menu starter key. Different computers have different boot menu starter keys. Find yours by Googling with the manufacturer’s name.
  • Boot it from the UEFI hard drive.
  • The booting will start, make sure your device is still connected. Don’t be afraid if it says your device is not supported.
  • Click on the options from the bottom.
  • Check the cross on Allow untested iOS and Skip A11 BPR check. Then go back.
  • Now the comment is changed and saying it’s only partially supported. For security, it will take the phone into recovery mode.
  • After confirming, select start and quickly follow the steps to put the phone into DFU mode.
  • Press and hold the side lock button and the volume down button for at least 4 seconds.
  • Now leave the side one and keep holding the volume down button for 10 more seconds. In DFU mode the jailbreak code will be appearing on the device.
  • After finishing, click Done and reboot the computer.
  • Now start the removal again. This time 4MeKey will show us the device information.
  • Click on It will take less than a minute.

Finally, you are done. Your iPhone will booth up like a new one. The Activation Lock is no longer in our way. You can customize the iPhone as you want.

Final Words

We know the full method is complicated. But you do not have any other option to bypass the Activation lock without the Apple ID password. Although it’s complex, if you follow the instructions as it is, it would be an easy task for you. But you know the tech things, it always needs so many clarifications for ensuring your security.

An iPhone is like blessings if you get it from your friend or family members. When the phone is locked for a forgotten password, You can pretend to be a tech expert for fixing it. The phone is a little piece of machine and it does not know your motives. Unlocking an iPhone is easy, But when Find My iPhone is on, you may need to struggle more.

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