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Microsoft Is Selling Ugly Windows Sweaters Again – Buy Quickly!

Microsoft is going to sell ugly Windows sweaters again this year. These ugly Windows sweaters have been unveiled at its Xbox Gear shop dedicated to the infamous windows game Minesweeper. It’s designed with a Windows theme.

The ugly sweater with Microsoft’s Windows theme has been published once before. Back then, it was released with three designs, where one sweater was based on the MS Paint application indefinitely.

Significantly, a large portion of the proceeds from the sweater in 2020 was donated to the Girls Who Code. This year too Microsoft has taken such a beautiful initiative.

This time, earnings from these ugly sweaters will be donated to the AbleGamers charity for disabled gamers, amounting to $100,000 USD.

It’s done very well, but the sweater is given a “button” in the guise of a snowman with a minesweeper Christmas tree-shaped layer.

As a result, the user can shrink the window and exit the game. Also, the classic Wavy Windows logo is given, which is basically reminiscent of Windows 3.1.

Microsoft says everything about ugly Windows sweaters at gear.xbox.com. There, along with product details, you will find order information, all policies, and ordering options.

At the same time, Microsoft urged everyone to buy the sweater to help and encourage the rival gamers.

However, their last initiative was much appreciated, so hopefully their initiative this time will be much appreciated.

But this time the building cost of the sweater is $ USD more than last year. That’s why Now the price is more expensive than before. This time the ugly sweater is priced at $74.99.

However, the most important thing is that all were sold within 24 hours of the last sweater release. So if you want to take ugly Windows sweaters and put your little part in the cooperation of rival gamers, you should buy them quickly.

Md Raseduzzaman Porag
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