Apple Promises To Notify Spyware Alerts If Your iPhone Is Hacked

Apple spyware alerts

Recently the campaigns of Malware and Spyware are increasing in a large number. Somehow they are managing to bypass our Operating System and native App Store. It has become a big issue. That’s why to keep us safe, Apple promises to notify spyware alerts to its users.

As one of the largest companies like Apple took this initiative, there must be something bigger behind it. Otherwise, we have never seen a manufacturer like Apple get that much concern. 

All these started last week when Apple sued an Israeli company named NSO. Apple claimed that NSO is selling spyware that can hack iPhones.

This tech giant also said this Israeli company has broken US law. The NSO Group is already infamous for making and renting the most powerful spyware. 

It works on the state level. That means the maximum of their attacks is state-sponsored. It targets VIP individuals at the behest of state authorities.

Mostly the important persons in the opposition parties suffer from this type of attack. But what happened with Apple is also state-sponsored.

So when Apple detected a user’s iPhone got hacked, it sued and filed a lawsuit against NSO last week.

For the victim’s comfort, Apple said it will send an iMessage and a mail to the affected iPhone. Moreover, a threat alert will be displayed on the victim’s Apple ID. He/She will see it whenever they sign into the Apple ID.

It would be really helpful for Apple users. At present no other smartphone manufacturers show such care about their customers.

But we must need a permanent solution to this spyware issue. From early this year we have repeatedly reported about the Pegasus spyware attacks.

It is a dangerous product of the NSO Group used for state-sponsored attacks. Costs a huge amount of money and is built to spy on selected people or government officials. So there is such a minimal possibility to victimize the normal citizens.

Back in 2017 Pegasus was used to victimize lawyers, journalists, anti-corruption activists, and many important others. This spyware is so ruthless that it can acquire your every activity and use your microphone and camera without being noticed.

It was really necessary to take a step against these spyware companies. There is no international control over their activity. Apple’s lawsuit can bring a big change in it. As Apple promises to notify spyware alerts, iPhone users can stay stress-free.



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