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Better To Keep 5 Settings Of the iPhone Unchanged – Know Why!

Today I am going to talk about the five common settings of the iPhone. We all customize many settings to our advantage while using the phone. But now I will talk about the reasons for keeping the 5 settings of the iPhone unchanged, which means these do not need customization. But many users do customization.

These settings are Date & Time, Auto-Brightness, Send AS Sms, My Number, Cellular Data Network.

I think it is best to keep these five settings in automatic mode. If anyone allows these features to run as they please, the performance of the phone will also increase.

The important thing is that sometimes there can be a problem with your phone, which you don’t understand why this is happening.

This is because if these are not allowed to run as they should, the phone will see some simple issues, which are not understandable.

However, now that we know about these settings, why keep the 5 settings of the iPhone unchanged.


There are many benefits to keeping the brightness feature in automatic mode. Because if you keep its automatic mode, then brightness is controlled according to daylight.

You do not need to increase or decrease the brightness again and again. This is why the lifetime of the display also increases a lot because the full brightness always damages the display slowly. At the same time, it will also increase the battery performance of the iPhone.

Step 1: First go to settings
Step 2: Now find the Accessibility option
Step 3: Now tab on Display option
Step 4: Now set up Auto-Brightness

Proper Date And Time

It’s best to always keep the Date & Time settings in automated mode. Because if time is not accurate on the iPhone, then browsing the internet is a lot of problems. This can be very annoying for any user as the device doesn’t give any signal in this regard.

Step 1: Go to Settings
Step 2: then find General
Step 3: Click Date & Time
Step 4: Set Automatically


Everyone should keep the cellular data network feature on. Because if someone turns off this option, phone apps will only use WiFi data.

So if you keep cellular data off then it will be difficult for iPhone apps to run. Because data is required to run almost all iPhone apps.

Step 1: Enter settings
Step 2: Find Cellular option
Step 3: Cellular

Send As SMS

Many people still use the SMS system, which is why it is important to keep the Send As SMS option on. But if you turn off the send me SMS option, you will not receive and send these. So all iPhone users should keep this option on.

Step 1: Enter settings
Step 2: Scroll down & find the Messages option
Step 3: Set Send as SMS

My Number

You must keep my number option correct. In the case of the iPhone, the My Number option is important because if it is not correct, the phone’s iMessage app will not work properly.

So check now to see if the correct number is given, or add the correct number now.

Step 1: Enter settings
Step 2: Scroll down & find the Phone option
Step 3: Check the number

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