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Today Announced Microsoft Store Support for third-party Apps, like Epic Games Store

Everyone already knows that Microsoft has come up with a massive update to Windows 11. But Microsoft announced another update today. Microsoft has announced that it has now opened the App Store for Windows on all third-party apps, including the Amazon  App Store and Epic Game Store.

This is definitely great news for all Windows lovers or users. Everyone has welcomed this remarkable change in Microsoft. 

The biggest benefit of this is that from now on, these stores will be able to develop for Windows. Which is a good thing for all developers. The goal of this big change is to increase business and development cooperation, Microsoft said.

These stores can be accessed in the same way that we download apps or games from other stores. The home page will have product details and a search bar at the top. If anyone doesn’t find the desired app by scrolling through the home pages. Anyone can easily find it by searching the search bar. 

Microsoft also said it would welcome other app stores as soon as the connectivity project with Amazon and Epic Games is completed. It’s not just that these updates are happening for Windows 11, all versions will be available.

From now on, Microsoft will give developers a lot more revenue from apps. If they use an announcement of the features of Windows 11, it is understood that Windows 11 will gradually bring more updates.

In its continuation, Microsoft has come up with these updates. Microsoft is moving towards an open store, where all third-party storefront apps will be allowed. There are some limitations, of course, not all apps in the store will be able to be installed.

Because there are many more apps in rival stores that are not supported by Windows, but anyone can see all the apps there. But things are different in the case of Microsoft and Amazon.

Since Microsoft started supporting Android apps in Windows 11, it has started to have a big good impact. Already, Zoom, VLC, Discord,  and big IDEs like Visual Studio have been integrated into the Microsoft Store.

Also, the most popular and used apps like TikTok, Tumblr, Wikipedia, Reddit are being listed. This means that it’s a big decision of Microsoft to support Android apps in Windows11. I think a lot more will be listed in the Microsoft Store very soon.

Shuhel Ahmed
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