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How To Drain Battery While Frozen? Complete Overview

A common complaint about the battery of all iPhone users is that the battery is frozen. Even those who are using the new model iPhone are facing this problem. Many users of the iPhone have complained to Apple about this problem. They acknowledged and said a software bug.

Apple has said that it will take this issue seriously in the next iOS release. But you know what? You can get rid of this problem now without waiting for the next iOS update. This is a very simple software bug that will get rid of this problem if you are careful about some things.

In this article, I will explain a common issue of battery freezing and how to drain the battery while frozen. So if you are an iPhone user then this article is very important for you. So stay tuned with me till the end of the article, then hopefully you won’t have to wait until the next iOS update.

What does battery frozen mean?

What we mean by a frozen battery issue in an iPhone is that the percentage of battery is stuck in a certain number. This means that the percentage that we see in the phone’s battery signal is stuck in a certain place. As a result, it’s difficult to understand the exact amount of charge on the battery.

How to drain the battery in frozen condition?

The percentage of batteries stuck in the iPhone is a common problem, Apple has noted this problem and will fix this problem in the next OS. However, if you are careful about some things, you can get rid of this problem until the next update. So below I am mentioning and explaining some of the things to solve the problem of the iPhone battery being stuck.

Solution-1: Set Date & Time automatic update:

If your phone does not have automatic time and date updates, set the time and date automatically first. It’s very important, in the case of the iPhone 8, the battery stuck problem has been solved after setting the date and time automatically. So whatever version you have, give it a try. If you can’t set up “Date and Time” automatically, see the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: First, go to settings

Step 2: Click on “General Settings”

Step 3: Select “Date and Time”

Step 4: Here are the Automatically set options

Step 5: Now click on the bar

Step 6: Finally, restart the phone

Now wait a minute and see if there are any problems. If so, go to the next solution.

Solution-2: Turn off battery percentage and then turn back:

This is another effective way, you can turn off and restart the option that you have a percentage of your phone’s battery. Many times turning this option on and off fixes this frozen problem. If you can’t turn this option on /off, see below, I have shown the process of turning on and off the battery percentage option there.

Step 1: First, go to settings

Step 2: Find the battery settings at the bottom

Step 3: Click on Battery Settings

Step 4: See here is the “Battery Percentage” option

Step 5: Click here to turn it on and off

Step 6: Now restart the phone

Solution-3: Charge Your iPhone:

This is another simple process, wait until your iPhone’s battery runs out. Then wait a while and charge your phone. After charging for a while, turn on the phone and see if there is still a problem. If you still have problems then go to the solution below.

Solution-4: Update the latest version:

If after trying the above solutions your battery frozen problem is not fixed, then update your phone to the latest version. Because any major update to the iPhone system actually causes such minor problems on the phone. So, update the phone’s system to the latest version.

If you can’t update your phone, see below. I have shown the process of updating the iPhone’s system there.

Step 1: First, go to phone settings

Step 2: Scroll down a bit

Step 3: Click General Settings

Step 4: Now there is the software update option

Step 5: Click and wait

Step 6: This will take a long time, as the new update will be downloaded first, then installed automatically.

Solution-5: Reset iPhone:

If your iPhone’s battery is frozen after trying the above steps, Then you need to understand that the problem of software on your phone is very complicated. Now reset the phone, so the problem is likely to be solved. Most of the time, any kind of problem related to the iPhone’s OS can be fixed by resetting the phone. Everyone is afraid to reset the phone because all data is deleted. So below I have given step by step how to reset the phone by storing data through iTunes.

Step 1: Launch iTunes on the computer.

Step 2: Now connect your phone to the computer with a cable.

Step 3: Allow access in the right way.

Step 4: Now follow the instructions you see.

Step 5: Click on your iPhone in the iTunes interface.

Step 6: Now wait and reset the phone after the data is stored.

When the iPhone is restored to its factory settings, the problem of sticking percentage of the iPhone’s battery is probably solved.

Solution-6: Ask for Apple’s Helpline:

I have given the above solutions to solve the frozen battery of your phone, even after applying all of them, if your phone still has this problem. Then you need to ask the iPhone Authority for your help.

However, Apple has made it clear that this is a bug in the operating system, which I said above once. So if you want a solution in Apple’s helpline, they can’t give you a solution right now. But Apple will let you know when it will fix it and add it to the system.


Apple is a premium brand that is hugely popular all over the world. Apple launches many types of products in the market, among them MacBook and iPhone are the most popular.

For those who use iPhones, I have described a common problem above and solved it in a few steps. Most iPhone users have to face this battery freezing problem. This is a software bug problem that the iPhone has promised to fix in the next OS updates.

However, I have explained and resolved these issues above. Hope you read the above article well and benefited.

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