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Niantic Ready For The Real-World Metaverse With Lightship AR Platform

Lightship launched for the benefit of software development platform app developers. Pokemon Go creator Niantic launched this tool on Monday. This will basically help developers create their own augmented reality and “real-world metaverse” app.

Already Niantic ready for the real-world metaverse. So Developers can now start using the Niantic Lightship platform. The company has already invested 20 million to help developers and attract attention. This investment will focus on real-world metaverse and the global ecosystem we have created.

Developers will be able to create 3D maps using this tool kit. This allows apps to easily understand the topography and surface around the device. Also, other API applications will help to distinguish between objects like the sky, earth, water, house, etc.

This toolkit allows you to play up to five parts in a multiplayer session. But the main feature is that players will be able to play in the same session keeping all the content and interactions in sync.

These tools are divided into three categories: sharing and understanding, real-time mapping, and multiplayer. Basically, the mapping and understanding categories have been working year after year to give AR a more realistic feel.

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The most important part is that almost all features of the toolkit are provided free of charge. Initially, there are no restrictions on the number of users. However, if the monthly traffic of an API is more than 50000 thousand then the charge is applicable.

This launch of the Light Ship seems to me to be a timely project. Because now everyone is very excited about the metaverse type. Technologists predict that the next generation will spend most of their time wearing glasses.

Niantic is trying to make AR glasses for the next generation, Qualcomm has partners. In addition, many companies are now working on VR and AR hardware projects. Among them are rumors that Apple will launch its own VR headset, AR specs, or possibly a mixed-reality product like Microsoft’s HoloLens.

However, much research is needed to complete the work of all these tools. All technology companies are thinking about Metaverse now. He is also getting the cooperation of others in any project.

So hopefully, soon Metaverse is going to be an overall successful project and everyone is going to enter the digital world. As Niantic ready for real-world metaverse, we can expect other companies to follow suit.

Bill Thamas
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