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Pixel Stand 2nd Generation Started Shipping

Pixel Stand 2nd generation was announced alongside Google Pixel 6. It’s not a popular product from Google. So you might not be familiar with it. Google first released Pixel Stand with Pixel 3. That was the 1st generation of Pixel Stand and was released in 2018.

We got good news for those who ordered the Pixel Stand 2 from Google Store. Google started shipping them on December 13. Some customers who pre-ordered received notifications of shipping. Mostly the UK and US customers got their shipping mails.

Google is Shipping this product in 7 more countries. They are Australia, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Taiwan, Germany, and France. Possibly all customers who pre-booked will receive this product within this week. This device has some pretty amazing features.

It can fast-charge Pixel 6 series phones at 23-watts. But this 2nd generation of Pixel stand is not just a charger. It is smarter and can do different things. You can use it as home control. It also can access Google Assistant.

So you can use it as a smart home device. Setting alarms, voice commands, and other advanced activities make it special. Pixel Stand 2 needs a USB type C cable to charge. Google always cares about your safety.

So there is a cooling fan at the bottom of the device to prevent overheating. Now that’s a smart decision. This extraordinary gadget is so tiny that it’s hard to believe it can do so many things. The Pixel Stand 2 is made of 39% recycled material.

That’s based on its overall weight. No matter what the quantity is, recycling plastic is one of the greatest initiatives to save our earth. It can be a reason why the price of this little device is a bit higher.

You have to spend $79 to buy a Pixel Stand 2. Many people think it is overpriced. But if you compare it to all the other Google products, you will find it worthwhile. Well, almost all Google products are overpriced.

It’s been a few days since the Pixel Stand 2 reached the customer’s hand. Hopefully, the price will decrease after the festive season ends. If you want, you can order now as a gift for your loved one.

Tom Bedfard
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