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Android 12L, Everything You Need To Know

Google’s latest version of Android is Android 12. We have already talked about its outstanding features. But now a new version of Android 12 is going to be released. That’s Android 12L. It will be a friendly environment for tablets and foldable phones.

It’s not clear what the L stands for. So I think it could be Large because the 12L is a special OS for larger displays. Mainly the foldable phones will be properly adjusted with this system.

Perhaps you will be able to enjoy this operating system from the beginning of 2022. Most dependable sources declare that the Android 12L will release within April to June 2022.

Why Android 12L?

In the past days, Google never seemed that much concerned about Android on tablets. The same OS is usually used to work on large screen devices. Mostly it worked fine. But in some cases, it struggles to run some applications properly.

Users normally ignore those considering little bugs. These days foldable phones are getting popular. Most of the foldable phones have a large tab-like display. As people are loving these phones, It has become essential to make the Android OS fully functional for these devices.

That’s the reason Google moved to launch this large-screen-friendly OS.

Android 12L special features

Android 12L will contain the same features as Android 12. But it will get some special abilities to control non-tablet-optimized apps. There are some apps that are not well-optimized for large screen devices. They will automatically be extended and become compatible with the screen.

The notification bar will have two columns instead of one. All quick settings icons will be in the left part and the right side will show all the notifications. So the odd-looking extra space will disappear.

The lock screen will also get a new look. If you have a pattern lock, Android 12L will reduce your problem to reach it. Your pattern lock widget is supposed to appear on one side of your screen. So you don’t have to struggle while unlocking your device with one hand

The overall theme and setup of the lock screen can be changed. You will see the most important changes in multitasking. All previously running apps will appear as a taskbar system. You can quickly swap from one app to another just by clicking the app from the taskbar.

Split-screen multitasking becomes easier with this new Android 12L. Finally, I can assure you that after installing the 12L, every app will look better on your large-screen device. There must be more amazing features. But we can not include them before confirmation. As something better is coming, You just have to wait patiently. 

Tom Bedfard
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