Motorola May Be The First To Launch A 200MP Camera Phone

Motorola May Be The First To Launch A 200MP Camera Phone

It may surprise you but a 200MP camera phone is too close to rule the market. Now we have the technologies to make impossible things possible. As we already have 108MP phones, 200MP doesn’t seem that impossible.

At first, this idea came from Samsung. They announced a 200MP smartphone before anyone thought about it. But for some reason, they are not in a hurry to launch a 200MP smartphone. The possible cause can be the suitable chipset. You can not just attach that high-end camera to an ordinary chipset.

Even today’s flagship chipset can struggle to manage such a camera sensor. So undoubtedly it will take some time. But the famous leaker Ice Universe revealed that Motorola would be the first to launch a 200MP camera smartphone. Xiaomi will be the 2nd and the 3rd one could be Samsung.

Some tech experts announced that Xiaomi will put a 200MP camera on its 12 series smartphone. But that’s not going to happen. Instead, the 12 series will contain a 50MP camera. Motorola’s upcoming Moto Edge X will also be packed with a 50MP camera as well.

So never believe in such rumors that declare Moto Edge X or Xiaomi Mi 12 will get a 200MP camera. Motorola is more likely to announce a 200MP phone around mid-2022. That’s obviously not Moto Edge X.

From Samsung, We can expect the Galaxy S23 series or the next foldable flagship to carry a heavy camera like that.

Samsung said that their 200MP camera is called ISOCELL HP1. It is able to capture the details that our naked eye misses. This beast camera can take 8K videos at 30 FPS and 4k videos at 120 FPS.

We are strongly feeling that you will surely see a 200MP camera on an Android phone in 2022.



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