Record Audio While Playing Music Android- Complete Solution

Record Audio While Playing Music Android

Have you ever tried to record audio and play music at the same time on your Android device? If you previously tried this, then you may have failed. In case you never tried, check out once and the result would be another failure. So is there a way to do such a confusing task?

Although it would not be that simple, we will find something productive for you. Nowadays our Android smartphones are highly customizable. You can make changes in every function of your phone. But there are reasons for restricting this feature. We will talk about it in a moment.

Before that, let us inform you about our plan. Today we will show you the possible ways to record audio while playing music.

How To Record Audio While Playing Music Android:

Do you love music? Obviously, you do. That’s why you are trying to store your favorite one. Unfortunately, there is a piece of bad news for you. As far as we know, the Android system does not allow using the microphone and the speaker at the same time.

There is no single app that can help you to do this. Even if you use two different apps, let’s say one is for recording audio and the other one is for playing music, it will not work. For your better understanding, an example would be helpful.

Suppose you have played a song from Spotify. You want to record this music with your phone’s built-in microphone. Spotify can be minimized normally. Now when you open the sound recorder app and click to start recording, the music will be stopped automatically.

If you reverse the same process like first start recording then play the song, the result will be the same. Both of these will not work together. But you should not get disappointed so quickly. As we mentioned at the beginning, we have some ways to help you out.

So let’s stop stretching the impossible and talk about something possible. You can alternately satisfy the same purpose. What about recording video rather than recording audio while playing music on the same device? We know it is not what you wished for.

But after recording, you can keep the music by converting it. That’s what you needed, right? It will be a two-step process. First, we will show you how to record video and play music at the same time. Then you will see the way to convert it.

● Step-1: Record a video while playing Music

For this, we need an app. There are a few apps that can record video with music. We will use the VideoFX app. You can easily install it from the Play Store. If you want you can use any other apps available in the Play Store. This software is easy to use. You will instantly understand the procedure once you open the app.

It will shortly take you to the video recording window. From there tap on the Settings icon and select your preferred song or music in the Audio Source. It is important to keep the music file on your phone before starting. Otherwise, you will not see it in the Audio Source. Now you can record the video with the music easily.

● Step-2: Convert a video into audio format

Honestly, we don’t know your actual purpose but if you want to convert this video or any other video into an audio format, there are tons of software available for it. You can even do this without downloading software. You will find a bunch of web applications ready to convert different media files into different formats.

All you have to do is drop your media file on their box, select the conversion file type, and click on the convert button. They will return the converted file within minutes. Finally, you will get the desired audio file.

Can you record music from music streaming apps?

The method we just described will work for your previously saved or downloaded music files. Using this way you can not record a video directly from a music streaming app. It would be silly to ask for this type of option. No apps will provide you such services.

In this case, we want to say that you are making a simple thing complex. These days you do not need to struggle much to get an exclusive song. Google is there to find out the audio file of your favorite music. There are thousands of sites that make all the rare MP3 files available to download.

Besides that, you have so many options to convert Youtube videos into audio format. So there is no reason to go for a bad-quality recorded version. Just imagine if it were possible to record the music that is playing on the same device, the position of the speaker and the microphone is so close that the final result can be a horrible sound.

Which application is best for sound recording?

Your built-in sound recorder app should be good enough to record decent quality audio. You can change the recording quality if you want. But in the case you do not find a built-in recorder on your phone, you can download a free app called Recforge II. It is available on the Play Store.

This app comes with some advanced features. You can control quality, cancel noise, set the range, and more others. So if you are looking for an amazing sound recorder, Recforge II would be the best option.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have understood why the process is so complex and unnecessary. If Android provided this option built in the phones, it would be a matter of a second to do this kind of task. But everyone’s purpose is not the same. You cannot deny that it can be used negatively.

We know you love music and we are on the same team. But by recording audio from original music, you can not violate the composer’s rights. Therefore use the legal way to enjoy your favorite music. You can try to download from other sources. That’s how some little compromises can keep us happy and safe.

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