Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Explodes! The Reality

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Explodes! The Reality

Folding phones are getting famous day by day. All the credit goes to Samsung. A few years back no one could think about a foldable phone. Now the actual devices exist around us. But a tweet of 26th September caused panic for Galaxy Z Fold users. 

The tweet was from Chad Cristian. He uploaded a video of a smoking Galaxy Z Fold 3 that just exploded. The tweet said: 

The matter of relief is no one got injured in this incident. As his statement, he was putting the phone in a box while it exploded. Since the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung already carries a bad image about battery exploding. That was surely for a faulty design. Throughout the years they fixed everything. For a long time, we haven’t heard of such cases.

With this tweet, everything shook again. We know Z fold 3 users are worried. But the real story behind this incident can calm you down. The phone that exploded was already damaged since its fall from a bike a few weeks ago. He was preparing the phone to send it for repair.

When he put it in the box, it exploded. However, he was not holding the phone at that time. So he is completely safe and no injuries were reported. But it is an alarming situation indeed. Although smoke was coming out of it, you can call it an isolated incident. You can not compare it with the Galaxy Note 7 saga.

As the phone was already damaged by a previous hit, you can not call it a faulty device. No other Z Fold 3 users reported such issues. We have seen news of exploding phones often. Some One Plus phones also had a bad reputation of exploding. But a normal phone does not explode without any reason.

There should be a defective design or it will not occur normally. A manufacturer like Samsung always tests each and every phone before releasing them. After the Galaxy Note 7 incident, Samsung became more alert. One single occurrence can not define the whole reality.

No one knows if the victim charged it or kept it in a hot environment after falling from the bike. A heavily damaged phone is like a mini bomb. You should not carry it. Moreover, the Battery is the most sensitive part. Never mess with a phone that has a faulty battery inside.

After all these, on 27th September he tweeted again and said:

So Samsung responded instantly and he is going to get something. Let’s wait and see what happens.



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