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Secret Trick To Eject Water From Your iPhone – Just One Tap

These days almost all high-end smartphones get water damage protection. But that’s up to a certain level. It is like a nightmare for smartphone users when their phone gets wet. If you are an iPhone user and somehow your phone got wet, you can try something new. We have a secret trick to eject water from your iPhone.

It is obviously not the rice pot therapy. If you have tried it previously, you should know it is totally a waste of time. Rice may absorb moisture, but it can’t suck out water from a smartphone. So when you are out of options this trick may work. You need an Apple shortcut to do so. That is called Eject Water.

At least the ratings and reviews make it worth trying once. If your wet iPhone functions then quickly dry it up. You can use a wet cloth or paper napkins to give it a wipe. Now open any browser and go to the link attached here. It’ll directly take you to the website and you can get the shortcut by just clicking on the button.

After tapping the icon, the shortcut app will open automatically. In the app, tap on add shortcut. Now you are ready. You just need to select the water eject and tap on the Begin water eject option. Then the process will start automatically. Although it is not clear how it helps to eject water, you can try it when you have no ways left.

However, it’s not an official fix. The shortcut is not official as well. But it can help to prevent some serious inside damage. Not sure though. We have seen after a phone gets drowned, people do all the weird things they find on the internet. As it is a one-tap trick, You must try it once before taking the iPhone to an iCenter.

Sometimes a water-damaged phone primarily works well. But after a certain period, the water inside causes some serious damage. So if you find your phone came in contact with water, you have to take quick action. Well, you will never find such a secret trick to eject water from your iPhone.

Tom Bedfard
Tom Bedfard has been showing her expertise in the smartphone area for a decade. In one sentence, she loves smartphones and other smart gadgets. However, Tom is the leader of Techalrm’s review team. Not a single new device can escape her eyes. Well, our every review unit phone or gadget goes to her hands first. Our audiences love her works. Her honest and detailed review contents make her one of the best smartphone reviewers.

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