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Sony’s $9000 Drones With Alpha Camera, Pre-Order Now!

Sony has been working for a long time on high-quality drones. You already know how superior Sony cameras are. So why not attach them with their own drones? Probably this type of thought made Sony move for making drones. However, these are not ordinary drones. These are Sony’s $9000 drones with Alpha camera.

So what made them so expensive? Although the drone and the wings stuff are great, undoubtedly the priciest part is their camera sensor. 

The drone lineup is named Airpeak. These drones work with the Sony Alpha camera series. They support Alpha 1, 7S, 7R, and 9 series.

Sony claims the Airpeak S1 is the smallest among all. Despite being the smallest, it supports a full-size Alpha camera that is mirrorless.

The company also said that the S1 can move smoothly while moving faster. But that will never compromise the stability of the camera.

The drones are excellently wind resistant. So you can take a proper snap of your expected object from above.

Sony says the Airpeak S1 can fly for almost 22 minutes. But this time becomes 12 minutes with a heavier camera lens.

The smallest Airpeak S1 contains two sets of propellers. Its top speed can reach up to 55mph. That’s fast, isn’t it? You will get two rechargeable batteries and a controller with the drone. Sony programmed it too well to make your photography experience way better.

The drone can be controlled by two people if you want. For an accurate result, one can control the movement of the drone. At the same time, the other can adjust the camera. But both can check out the camera view.

There is an Airpeak Flight app for iOS. It can monitor every detail and provide information on the hardware status. You can make an advanced flight plan and troubleshoot minor issues. The S1 will start shipping from 24th December. 

You can pre-order now. Although it arrived a little late, it can be a holiday gift for your loved one. Cause it’s Christmas time. You already know the price is not so affordable $9000. With these drones, Sony offers a separate cloud service named Airpeak Plus for extra storage. 

It includes enhanced Geo tools with flight log importing and exporting technology. You have to pay an extra $300 to enjoy this facility for 12 months. So this festival can be the high time to purchase one of Sony’s $9000 drones with Alpha camera.

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