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Unlock The Hidden Emoji Features On Your iPhone

iOS 15 came with some major changes in iPhones. Most of them are noticeable. But there are some hidden tricks that let you use some amazing and pretty useful features. Previously we have presented a lot of iPhone tricks to make your iPhone more usable. Today we will show you how to unlock the hidden emoji features on your iPhone.

Do you like using emojis while texting? We know emojis are now widely used for better interaction. It brings life to texts. There are some built-in emojis on your iPhone’s keyboard. With this new trick, you can use them in a different way.

First, let’s talk about the method. Open messages and go to iMessage. Now you need to select a contact for starting a conversation. After the chat box opens, select an emoji to send. Now instead of clicking the send button, Tap and hold onto it. 

Now the real magic begins. It will open a hidden page. From there you can send this emoji with an effect. Now you have to click on the top-right corner of the screen. Then select the option named Send With Echo. It will create a floating effect on your screen with that certain emoji.

As a result, the recipient will also see so many emojis floating through the conversation screen. He/She also can reply with the same echo effect. Both of you can do it anytime you want. It has no limits. Moreover, you can use multiple emojis. All your selected emojis will float together on the screen.

It is such a wonderful effect and looks cute enough to impress your loved ones. This trick was first shown on Tiktok. You know Tiktokers always hunt for weird and effective ideas. Some of them are very useful in real life. Thanks to them. Sometimes weird ideas become productive.

You should take a break and try to unlock the hidden emoji features on your iPhone. We know it is a little trick. But there are many other hidden features in iOS 15. You can try to discover one.

Tom Bedfard
Tom Bedfard has been showing her expertise in the smartphone area for a decade. In one sentence, she loves smartphones and other smart gadgets. However, Tom is the leader of Techalrm’s review team. Not a single new device can escape her eyes. Well, our every review unit phone or gadget goes to her hands first. Our audiences love her works. Her honest and detailed review contents make her one of the best smartphone reviewers.

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